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Parasite Attack with your wife
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Published: 15 years ago
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Parasite Attack with your wife

I really really really want to extend my deepest sympathies to your wife. It makes you think that a scary horror movie is NOTHING compared to what your wife experienced. I do have a few questions and a few thoughts to share if you don't mind?

One... do you do enemas for your wife? Is she moving her bowels at least two or three times a day?

Two...Has she done a liver cleanse yet?

Three... I am also on the colonix program BUT there is something I do very differently.

My thoughts are... parasites are very very aggresive and volatile. They will fight tooth and nail to get food. parasites are amazing little microorganisms (that can really get out of control as what happened with your wife) and I notice this horrible tendency of theirs. They easily "adapt" to whatever you are doing to kill them and they IMPROVISE and CHANGE so they aren't killed off.

I am on Colonix for like two weeks and all the by, take Wormwood tinture...then I suddenly STOP and change my routine and switch to strictly cloves, oregano, and fiber. I then STOP for couple of days to let my body rest and attack...then I switch. I keep switching and surprising my so called "parasite" friends. They don't know which direction to turn or what to do.

I have read that if you don't poop it out... the toxins in the gut will get reabsorbed and circulated back in the body and evidence of rashes on the skin shows that the system is "backlogged". I notice when I have a careful routine with enemas (I only have like two a week because I make SURE I am able to have bowel movements and not to have my body grow dependent on enemas) The enemas remove A LOT of stuff out of my colon.

I read if the body is backlogged, the parasites and everything will just come up your throat, ears, etc. Fortunately in my case, it just feels like something is "hanging" at the bottom of my adams apple. For parasites to come up my throat or ears... I try to do the die off slowly and carefully.

I also use peppermint oil (young living) on my colon to help stimulate my colon. My husband also massages it as well. I drink one teaspoon of olive oil and one teaspoon of castor oil a day. Yuck I know but it helps me a lot. I've heard castor oil packs on the abdomen helps a lot but I haven't tried that yet.

Please let your wife know I am praying for her recovery.

~Julie Ann~

Hi Cuemommy,
Your symptoms are exactly the ones that my wife had. There is no doubt in my mind that it is some form of parasite. You will find that the throat feels like there is something in it. If it is the same thing you will find that you will be spitting up a form of mucus. My wife is on Colonix and her attacks began about a week after getting on this parasite program. Her experience was truly horrible; she also had flukes coming out of her tongue and parasites were trying to escape from her nose and ears. I was truly desperate to give my wife some comfort and we had to use Colloidal Silver as a contact killer. She found that the silver did work and kill the ones on the surface in the tongue and throat, but having some of these things come up and die-more were on their way. These parasites produced a mush which had a metallic taste (according to my wife).

I did a lot of research and called a friend in Australia who is a doctor and he told me that he recognized the parasite symptoms but did not identify the exact parasite in question (it it not his specialty); he said that there is a product called Combantrin-1 which is an over the counter remedy that was effective against this type of parasite. He pointed out that Combantrin-1 and not Combantrin is what is needed. Only 1 pill is taken regardless of the persons weight and it worked immediately.

I researched this product and found out that it is made by Pizer and is only available in Australia and New Zealand. Getting this product would have taken too much time so I never ordered it.

I would recommend that you continue with your parasite program. It will get better with time, but my wife still has occasional attacks but the severity and frequency has been reduced; she is on her second month of the Colonix program-her problem now is skin parasites.

good luck to you-I know how you feel!!!!

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