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Dental Amalgams, GI problems and Body Odor
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Published: 17 years ago

Dental Amalgams, GI problems and Body Odor

Hi Everyone,

After several years of suffering and having persistant thoughts of suicide, I finally found the source of my ailements. It all started when I was 19. I used to eat lots of sweets and ended up with 22 dental Amalgam fillings (almost all all my teeth). Gradually I started developing problems, such as panic attacks, excessive gas and unexplained headaches. Hoever, it was not until around 2001 that I started developing joint pains, itchy skin rashes, excessive sweating and Body Odor problems.

Life was a nightmare for me after beginning pharmacy school. Imagine sitting in a class of nearly 300 people and dealing with Body Odor ! Everyone thinks you're dirty. The odor was so bad that it filled the room. If it hadn't been for God and my close friends who supported me through this whole ordeal, i don't know how I would have made it. Finally last year I found the source of my problem.

I had seen a naturopathic doctor about the Body Odor and the other problems that I was having. She said the musky odor could be linked to yeast overgrowth. I asked what could cause yeast to overgrow and she told me that dental Amalgams could be one of the causes. When I looked at the symptoms relating to candidiasis and dental amalgams, I realized that this could be the source of my problems. In the summer of 2005, I removed my 22 dental Amalgams and the sweating stopped immediately and many of the symptoms went away including the joint pains and headaches. I saw an MD who specialized in mercury detoxification and found out that my mercury level was 46 (normal <4). Mercury poisoning cannot be diagnosed by blood test. You need a chelator like DMPS to get it out. I began treatment to have the mercury removed from my system. My levele is down to 12 now.

GI Problems:
A major problem caused by dental Amalgam poisoning is GI problems. Mercury wipes out your normal GI bacteria and cause the overgrowth of abnormal ones. The abnormal bacteria make holes in your intestinal lining, which allow things to pass through that typically don't go through. They enter the blood stream and create allergic reactions. I developed allergies to dairy products and chocolate, which worsen body odor and bad breath. Since I replaced the mercury fillings with the white the odor has reduced significantly, but it won't go away completely until I have removed all the mercury from my body and have repaired my leaky gut.

Recommended products:

1. ThreeLac and Oxygen elements plus: two of the best products for yeast and other abnormal bacteria are Three Lac and oxygen elements-plus. Check out this website: I guarantee you will be satisfied! Threelac will get rid of the yeast and the oxygen elements will destroy odor causing bacteria. Not only will it help your GI, but it will also get rid of rashes and fungi on your skin.

Renew Life Heavy Metal cleanse
This is an all-natural formula that cleanses mercury and other toxic heavy metals from your body.

Try them and tell me what you think!

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