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--Acids --VS-- Alkaline Minerals-- Health OR Sickness and Disease--
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Published: 16 years ago

--Acids --VS-- Alkaline Minerals-- Health OR Sickness and Disease--

Hi Ya'll,

The body may operate from the Electro-magnetic Energy which is produced from your Digestion between the Acids and the Alkaline Minerals of the foods which you may choose to eat !

What does this mean ?

It may mean that we are Dealing with Creating a Resistance, which may be what Creates this Electro-magnetic Energy to Power the body !

How do you Create resistance ?

Do you Create resistance when you add more water to a glass or fill the glass up with more of the same or eat more Acids, if this is what you are doing ?

"OR" do you Create more Resistance by mixing two Different kinds of substances together, which are opposite in Electrical Charges ?

Could it be that when you add more of the same to it's self, that you just get a Bigger pile of the same and do "NOT" Create any resistance, which may also mean that you do not Create any Electro-magnetic Energy Release ?

So, "COMMON SENSE" tells us that you must have "OPPOSITE" substances to come together and React against each other , in order to Create Resistance, which also may be what Creates the Electro-magnetic Energy Release which your body may need to Power it's self !

This Simply may mean that your body must have both Acids and Alkaline Minerals to do this job, but it also may mean that it may take much more Alkaline Minerals than it does Acids -OR- your body may become too Acidic and thus may not be able to produce the resistance , so as to Create the release of Electro-magnetic Energy, which it may need to Power it's self !

Opposites do "NOT" Attract each other as you may have been lead to Believe ?

But Opposites may react against each other and Create Resistance, which in turn may Create a Release of Electro-magnetic Energy !

Likes are what attract each other, and this just gives you a Bigger Pile of more of the same !

And Guess what ?

A Complete Complexed Carbohydrate, is a Complete food which may contain both the Acids and the Alkaline Minerals in a Compound form which the body may need to power it's self, and these Acids and Alkaline Minerals are also in the correct balances which are needed by the Digestive system , so that when you eat them, that they are able to React against each other during the Digestive process to produce the Required Electro-magnetic Energy release which the body needs to stay healthy !

These Complete Complexed Carbohydrates are in all Top Quality High Brix foods !

But, Poor Quality foods of Low Brix readings do not contain these Complete Complexed Carbohydrates, and thus will not supply your body with the needed Electro-magnetic Energy release when you choose to eat them !

And because of this, your body may choose to become Sick and Diseased !

Acids are Cations and may contain from 500-999 Millhouse units of Energy !

Alkaline Minerals are Anions and may contain 1-499 Millhouse units of Energy !

So, as you may be able to see from this, that when you eat foods which are Cationic or Acidic, that it may take a whole lot of other Alkaline or Anionic foods to be able to Neutralize the units of Energy which the Cations or Acids contain !

For , "IF" you eat one pound of Acid of 999 Millhouse units of Cationic energy and eat "ONLY" one pound of Alkaline of "ONLY" 1 Millhouse units of Anionic Energy, you may see that you are going to be short of the Alkaline (Anionic) Energy by 998 Millhouse units of Energy !

Because of this difference of Millhouse units of Energy between the Acids(Cations) and the Alkaline Minerals(Anions), you may now begin to see "WHY" you need to eat a Diet of foods which contain much more Alkaline Mineral foods, than the amount of Acid foods !

But, Guess What ?

Most people are eating a Diet which provides them with mostly Acidic foods !

And these same people then wonder "WHY" they are Sick and Diseased ?

It is simple mathematics between the Acids and the Alkaline Minerals, which it takes much more Alkaline Minerals in shear weight and volumne to be able to Neutralize the Acids of much Less weight and Volumne !

The "ONLY" food which is Anionic may be the Lemon !

"ALL" other foods are Acidic !

It is the Alkaline Minerals which are Anionic, which may or may not be in the foods which you choose to eat, which are going to determine your Health or Lack of it !

For in all foods they will have Acids which are going to be bound with some Alkaline Minerals, but the amount of Alkaline Minerals which the Plants have been able to collect to themself or the animals have been able to get from the Plants which they may have eaten, is what may determine how Alkalizing or Acidic these foods may be for your body !

Was your mind open to learn of these New ideas, so that you may learn to help yourself better ?

Smile Tis your choice.


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