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Telman's 32nd to 34th flush
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Published: 14 years ago

Telman's 32nd to 34th flush

These are my latest flush result for all those following my epic journey with appropriate excerpts from my diary.

August Reflections

Despite feeling quite good now and certainly leagues better than a year ago, I am sensing cycles of retracing. As a sufferer of a syndrome I know the problems associated with flare-ups and the length of time it takes to recover. However, the events I am suffering from now are well defined periods lasting 2 to 4 days where I have flu-like symptoms and associated brain-fog, muscle, bone and joint, and vagaries. These vagaries or signs involve red, gritty eyes and burning cold soles and creeping skin together with the injured-animal syndrome of not wanting to venture out of the cave. Nevertheless I am still on a steady upward slope or ladder involving one-step-up and half a step down. When I review my health profile from before I started the liver-flush protocol with how I feel now there is no resemblance and my syndrome is fading away; slowly but surely. My mental capacity has improved significantly and I feel calm and in-control during the positive parts of retracing. My down-time which is the number of days I feel/felt ill has diminished from about 27 days a month to 12. Put another way I only use to be functional for 1 day a week and now I only feel bad on average for 3 days in two weeks.

Flush 32

Although the experimentation of the previous few flushes has been valuable in terms of discoverable and an inevitable part of the learning process I have decided to return to the tried a tested method. On 28th and 29th August I undertook a standard Hulda Clark protocol consisting of two doses of pre-flush Epsom Salts and then the potion which consisted of 8 fluid ounces, each of olive oil and lemon juice fortified with fresh ginger juice and ground turmeric, (about a teaspoon of each). I made sure that I drank a pint of water before the first and second Epsom Salts and also the liver-flush potion. As I lay in bed I felt the unmistakeable sensation of stones passing through the biliary duct. I awoke at first light (5.30am) an ingested a cup of Epson salts which was ready by the bedside and grabbed a lie-in until 7.30 am. Immediately after arising I drank a pint of water laced with a pinch each of Sea Salt and baking powder. It was no surprise that I expelled a modest number of stones which were hard and agglomerated. Like nearly all of my stones they stay hard for days like a piece of dough.

What came out?

4 stones around 1 cm
20 stones between 0.5 and 1 cm
A small amount of small stones and chaff; about 1 teaspoon (5mL).

September Reflections

I am finding this period of time very frustrating and quite difficult. I feel incredibly tired and quite week and get fatigued very quickly. Despite this I have started back at the gymnasium and my physiotherapist tells me that my neck and shoulder posture look very good and even. I am caught in two minds; either the healing process in cycling again or this is a flare up. The differences from the last years are that I feel in control and the symptoms are not vague. It is worrying that I still have a dull pain in the gallbladder region but I am motivated to continue until there are not more stones being expelled.

Flush 33

On the 13th and 14th September 2006 I completed my 33rd Liver Flush using the Hulda Clark e procedure consisting of 6 fluid ounces each of olive oil and lemon juice fortified with ground turmeric and fresh ginger juice.

What came out?

1 stone around 1 cm
1 stones between 0.5 and 1 cm
A small amount of small stones and chaff; about 1 teaspoon (5mL).

More September Reflections

I have been feeling much more energised and able to do a great deal more each day without getting so tired. The gymnasium was easier and not a painful and it is difficult to believe that I was so washed out through the summer months. I am so pleased that my right arm, shoulder and chest is not noticeable anymore and my mind is now occupied with not liver thoughts. I feel very strong and not hampered by the precious, protective feelings that use to hold me back. It has occurred to me that getting oneís own personal psychology correct is just as important as physical health. I use be rather perfectionist and approval-seeking which are a unnecessary companion to a long term health condition but now I am very contented with who I am and not in the least phases by the plethora of opinion held by other people on the merits or otherwise of liver flushing, or anything else for that matter.

Flush 34

On the 26th and 27th September 2006 I completed my 34th Liver Flush using the Hulda Clark e procedure consisting of 7 fluid ounces each of olive oil and lemon juice fortified with ground turmeric and fresh ginger juice.

What came out?

Small stones and chaff; about 2 teaspoons (10mL).

September Epilogue

I would never have imagined that cleansing my liver would have lead to such an enormous change in my life. 34 Flushes over 16 month is quite an investment in time and emotion but it has enabled me to exercise effectively and this has lead to other benefits in health.


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