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Re: What are the symptoms of health?

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molly bloom Views: 5,412
Published: 12 years ago
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Re: What are the symptoms of health?

No more pain.

7 months ago I was in a whole world of hurt. I was much heavier. I was eating SAD. I was depressed. I started drinking more at night to dull the pain. I took tons of Motrin, and any other pain killer the doctor would give me.

I would come home every night from work and lay on the couch. I would stay on the couch because getting up was painful. My feet and ankles were in pain. I had a raging case of inflamed rib cartilage that kept me from doing simple household tasks. I felt like I was carrying a brick in my stomach. I sweat a lot. I looked bad. I felt like I was asthmatic, could not climb a flight of stairs, and was out of breath walking short distances.

I'm not ashamed to say that I thought I was dying. I was hoping that I would just live long enough to see my child through the end of high school (5 years) but I was sure I had cancer of something. I was scared of the doctor because I was sure he would substantiate my fears. And that fear kept me locked in, terrified. I bought extra long term disability and life insurance on my work benefits.....

When I got the "fatty liver" diagnosis after an MRI, the doctor said that it would not kill me and that I would just have to live with it. Didn't tell me to change any habits...nothing.

I remember googling fatty liver on the internet, and found "The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Book" the same night I found Curezone. The rest is a very short history.

I read Andreas book in about 2 days. I started looking at the Liver Flush Forum at CZ. I did my first liver flush, and that made me feel remarkably better! I was encouraged. I bought some Oxypowder , and booked an appointment for hydro-colon therapy. I had heard about it but was under the mistaken impression that my intestines would blow up. I did a parasite cleanse.

Then I read and read and read. For straight six months I would hear about something and then spend hours reading as much as I could about it. I settled on H202 bathing, Bee Pollen, Milk Thistle, L-Cartine. Soon I had bought a Colloidal Silver maker. I bought an auger juicer and started growing my own wheat-grass. I discovered Oil Pulling. I stopped eating any processed food. I started buying as much organics as I could afford.

Then I felt so good, I joined the local YMCA. Working out came back easily, and now I go every morning at 5 am, and actually look forward to it. I've gone down 6 clothing sizes from 7 months ago. I started buying, and researching natural beauty products, and have a whole arsenal of things I do trying to mitigate the damage to my face and skin, that had taken such a hit with my ill health.

The other day, someone made a comment at work that led me to believe they thought I had possibly just turned 40 (I'm 50).

So, you want a novella about my experience, that's it in a nutshell. 7 months seems like a life ago, but so surprising that it really was not a lot of time.

My dear Wombat, I totally get what you mean.

Love, Molly

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