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Re: Why is Hulda Clark fat? ( yellow teeth )
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Why is Hulda Clark fat? ( yellow teeth )

Thanks AnonymousJane for your reply.

RE: "Yellow teeth are not natural. That is a sign of plaque. Plaque, if not brushed away with effective toothpaste makes your teeth decay. White teeth are healthy teeth."

I agree with you, that yes, white teeth ARE healthy. But NOT ALL white teeth are an indication of health... like a person that has caps over a bunch or rotting root canals, or some veneers over posts, bone erosion, or other hidden problems. A person could have this gleaming white smile, but it doesn't necessarily mean they are healthy. It may just mean they could afford expensive cosmetic stuff (not to say that all cosmetic teeth are hiding dental problems either…) and yes, there are times that people are lucky and blessed enough to keep them their teeth naturally white as they “age gracefully.”

I should have said, "Not all yellow teeth are a sign of Unhealthiness."
Because there are so many factors (more than 25) that cause teeth to stain or turn yellow and some are:

Medications…(like tetracycline or other Antibiotics )
Calcium metabolism disorder...
Tooth enamel loss...
The result of a pervasive (yet harmless) stain deep inside the teeth...
Staining… from "chromogenic foods" like coffee or especially tea will stain and yellow the teeth...
Or excessive fluoride in the body (fluoride) can cause white patches, brown stained teeth, or even that yellowing…

And not to challenge you about something so little like this, (and I have read some of your stuff and I think you have so much knowledge…) but I don't know if I totally agree that yellowing comes from plaque. Plaque can lead to other things, like demineralization, a sticky film, gum disease, tartar, and other things, but not necessarily yellowing.

“Plaque, that resides in your teeth is a thin film of living and dead bacteria. This thin film needs to be continually removed. If this is allowed to stay, it hardens within 48 hours. It becomes rock solid after 12 days to be known as tartar.…”

And here is what I found from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Plaque is a soft white layer which forms on teeth, containing large amounts of bacteria of various types, particularly left unchecked for a few days plaque will harden, especially near the gums, forming tartar and could lead to demineralisation. >>

But it didn’t say anything about yellowing…and I think that even brushing regularly with "effective toothpaste" will not undo the staining effects of certain elements or internal changes. Brushing will remove plaque, but it won't always remove stain; teeth can be cleaned of plaque and still be yellow.

Now certain websites that did claim or indicate that yellowing may be associated with plaque did not really elaborate, explain it or prove it and they were usually trying to sell a cleaning/bleaching product and so maybe they were quick to make a connection.

>>You might think that more brushing means whiter teeth. Not true, says Van B. Haywood, D.M.D., an associate professor in the Department of Operative Dentistry at the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry in Chapel Hill. Brushing cleans but doesn't remove stubborn stains. Scrubbing too hard and too frequently (particularly with abrasive polishes) can actually erode the white enamel covering your teeth, exposing the darker dentin beneath.

But other factors may steal the sparkle from your smile. Age is one that affects us all. Teeth quite naturally darken as you age. Over the years, the soft pinkish pulp at the core of teeth disappears, replaced by the darker dentin, Dr. Haywood says.>>

In closing, remember the context of my article was referring to an elderly lady that had yellow teeth and I was trying to point out that her yellow teeth may not mean she was “unhealthy” because sometimes yellowing is a byproduct of being exposed to elements, aging, or even from things ingested as a child (like medications or fluoride). And she could be quite healthy right now.... even with her yellow chops.


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