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Re: The importance of water
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: The importance of water

I have found the same thing. Seems so basic, but it works wonders. I am sure it has something to do with toxins. With or without candida every body has toxins and every body needs water to flush them out.

My issue with water has been very odd. I started getting really ill the summer of 05. One night in Sept after walking the dog I started feeling very strange panic like anxiety. It was some kind of strange attack I had. it went on for 6 hours. I was terrified. I felt dehydrated with very dry eyes etc along with this panicy feeling like I was going to black out. So my gut instinct told me to drink water. I drank tons of water that night. After each 16 ounces glass the symptoms would subside only to return in about 10 minutes. My body would not hold onto the water. It was going right thru me yet I knew I was dehydrated. This went on all night practically. My husband wanted to take me to the er, but for what? They never help me with anything I wind up with a huge bill to pay. Finally I asked my husband to get me some vitamins. As soon as I took them the feelings went away.

Ever since then I have had a huge battle with water. I am dried out alot and find I need to drink at least 6-7 16 ounce bottles of water daily to keep symptoms away. And if I do anything to cause sweating I am depleted all over again.

This has been very scary. I know it has something to with candida and my bowel and the fact that I am very mineral deficient and dehydrated but how and why?

I think I may have finally figured it out. I think the answer is mucoid plaque.

Mucoid plaque is hardened mucus in the intestines that is caused by poor diet, meds, bad digestion etc. And oddly enough I think it may have alot to do with the fact that we do not drink enough water to begin with. I mean if you have a chest cold and you see the Dr. he always tells you drink plenty of fluids. Why is that?? Because it keeps bodily secretions more liquified and therefore keeps them moving.

Mucoid plaque hardens in the intestines slowing down peristalis ( the wave like movement of the intestines that pushes waste thru). But, it also severely inhibits the reabsorbtion and proper assimilation of minerals and WATER.

This is what I think my problem is in a nutshell. Mucoid plaque. It also harbors candida by giving it a place to hide. I recently passed a large piece of plaque ...about 18 inches, and it had lots of candida and other things hanging out of it. My feeling is now that is the reason why many of us have candida to begin with...a dirty bowel. It is like a dirty clogged up pipe. Like when the drainage slows down in the sink. If you have ever seen the inside of a dirty pipe you would know what I was talking about. And much like the intestines that provides places for things to accumulate.

So as a result of mucoid plaque we might only be absorbing maybe 20% of what we take in ( 20% for arguement sake, could be more or less). Therefore the need to consume a much higher amount is necessary just to get what our bodies need.

My angle now is to clean out the intestines. I have been taking psyllium shakes now for four months. I have finally began passing mucoid plaque. All this after four months of passing a horrendous amount of candida. The candida keeps coming. But until my bowel is clean I will not be rid of it and will be unable to effectively establish the good bacteria.

I also notice all the time that when I am starting to feel worse my urine is always getting darker and darker. And then sometimes I drink water and it still seems to go right thru. I urinate dark again and am dehydrated despite having just drank a few bottles of water. I find I need to drink smaller amounts throughout the day or again I run into the absorbtion issue.

So yes, I find that water is huge part of this and the way I feel.


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