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Re: really rather suicidal
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: really rather suicidal

Godhatesme, first of all you are not hated in the least.

The reason we all get these parasites -- most of us since birth even-- is because of all the toxins , benzyne in our bodies, mercury, etc., that encourage these critters to hatch in our bodies.

From the beginning of time- since after Adam and Eve, parasites became as common place in society as much as thorns on rose bushes.

Ancient egyptians used to eat Watermelon seeds to purge out worms. (by the way-- Watermelon seeds do work to some degree, but notice how you have to pay more for a Watermelon with seeds these days?)

Do you know that 85% of the civilized World-- rich or poor all have parasites and don't know it? Heck, I am a very clean person and just found out 2 years ago that I was harboring Sheep and liver fluke!-- those types are visible to the naked eye as well! Try telling anyone and they would commit me-, because people today are brainwashed into thinking noone gets parasites unless you live in a rainforest.

For Pinworms, A Colon Cleanse before and even WHILE you are using parasite killing herbs is a great thing to do- it will greatly diminish the pinworm population. Pinworms lay eggs in the colon and anus, so cleaning out that colon will really cut down the population.

Clarkia is good, as well as HumaWorms' products or Barefoot Herbalist's Dewormer. Black-Walnut , Cloves or Clove oil and Wormwood are the basic ingredients in most herbal dewormers. I would choose HumaWorms' parasite dewormer or Barefoot Herbalist's first, because they are more inclined to use fresh organic-- full strenght herbs in their products.

a clove of Raw garlic added to your salads and foods daily also is something pinworms HATE!

If your butthole itches-- get out of bed, get some cotton ball dabbed in food grade alcohol astringent , hydrogen peroxide, teatree oil, or even raw applecider vinegar- and wipe the anus area very firmly. You will remove any pinworm eggs that are causing the itching. Deposit the dirty cottonballs in a bag in the garbage.

When vaccuming, keep your nose covered so you dont breathe in any dehydrated eggs in the household dust.

Keep those fingernails clipped at all times- and clean them daily.

Boil your underpants in boiling water. Boiling water will kill any eggs in your sheets or undies.

Do not be discouraged-- keep at the cleanses , inside and out of your body. Do not feel less than human- because even many wealthy celebrities have found parasites during parasite cleanses I've heard.


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