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Debate and the moreless forum
Tyler Durden Views: 3,795
Published: 12 years ago

Debate and the moreless forum

(This is regarding the moreless forum and the somewhat stifling of debate taking place on the rest of the site; if this doesn't concern you please disregard this message) I as well as a number of others use the alkalizing drink with success and find it to be a fantastic tool for healing, so I'm grateful for it and to the person who brought it to Curezone. Nonetheless a kind of trend seems to be taking place that IMO is counterproductive to what the site should be all about. Many of us find truth in the alkalizing principles yet find methods independent of the alkalizing drink to also be helpful (myself, I use HCL and a papain containing supp called Super Papaya Enzyme Plus with meals to help break down the food; it was really helpful even before starting the A/A drink). There are posts in the Candida Forum with regards to HCL and Candidiasis symptom improvement- it's simple; some of us experiment with new things and report back on what we find. Strangely, when this happens it seems to provoke a negative response in the Moreless forum, almost as if since it were not something originally discussed there, it represents an incorrect 'path' even though it has benefitted some of the readers.

This site is for discussion of pretty much "all" health protocols, yes? For an unofficial "judge" to discourage folks from trying a product or method that could help improve their health situation is antithetical to this site's purpose, is it not? To exacerbate the situation, it's pretty much impossible to rationally debate him on this point (or any other), so I'm wondering why what is discussed elsewhere is any concern of the moreless forum- perhaps this is just a question of ego?

Is Curezone ultimately headed to be "his" site with all topics requiring his personal stamp of approval or they're demeaned as 'the blind leading the blind'? I know this next point will probably strike a nerve, but it needs to be stated: I thought the job of a moderator was to be somewhat fair and balanced, yes? The mod(s) bend over backwards to such an extent that the intent here seems to be to focus all the forums on *his* ideas that they openly call "teachings". Many of the concepts he talks about are unproven- THIS IS NOT TO SAY THEY ARE WRONG, just unverified as of yet. He should get credit for being the first to really post about these ideas together into a unified whole, but the principles talked about are not "new" per se- many were discussed over 70 years ago by individuals ranging from Antoine Beauchamp to Edgar Cayce . To rubber-stamp everything he talks about as "teaching" (by MODERATORS no less!!) is to give this site's ratification to the idea that there is one health "guru" in charge, everyone else are his guests, and the mods agree with his own insistence that everything he utters is immutable truth. This could potentially mislead new people. A few have already left because the mods, apparently emotionally enamored with him, let this continue to happen. His erratic posting ("teaching") style and repeated broken-record style admonishments to "grow up and get a life" (some should follow their own advice)suggest an almost obsessive-compulsive personality and betray the faux-kind demeanor shown towards those furthering his forum's agenda; indeed he's downright spiteful to anyone in the least suggesting he's not omnicient, badmouthing a recent poster's family relationship without even knowing him; claims he gets his information from a close relationship with his Creator (I'm really unsure about his being God's mouthpiece) yet shows his hypocritically negative nature with frequent put-downs and insults, often right out of the blue when not even provoked. Additionally, the mod has deleted his own posts where he flies off the handle revealing himself to be an obvious kook, somewhat concealing the full truth while basically trying to protect him from himself. There is much more to say on this but why bother.

Some of us have an inquisitive nature, tend to intelligently debate, and do NOT follow blindly (even if certain moderators *do*). Most posts not in lock-step with glorifying Moreless are deleted in his forum. Ultimately though, the purpose of health discussion boards like this one is for the greater good, thus the good of his presence here far outweighs the bad since the alkalizing drink is an excellent health tool, with myself and plenty of others enjoying solid health gains from using it. Focusing on the appeasement of one person above all others however is getting away from the free sharing of ideas and towards a type of fascism where anything else is shouted down or ridiculed; it's not that bad yet, but how far will Curezone continue to slide? Lastly, agree or disagree with the above, all thoughts are welcome- unlike some people, I *invite* criticism and *don't* have an ego that requires its own forum or website. :)

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