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Re: Yes good stuff....
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Yes good stuff....

"So then at the full level of awareness is "god" consciousness that surpasses all laws and constructs and deals in infinite potentiality. At fragmented levels we have these "selves" which experience parts of the whole, a way for totality to experience its self in a holographic, folded way (with infinties harmonics). For us to begin to experience aspects of full potentiality we must get out of our own way in a sense. Our filters are the very interference patterns that step down the experience, in a way that a prism breaks light into components, only on an infinite harmonic and holgraphic scale."

This post and actually all of your posts throughout the last few threads where you are participating, are the best and most profound I have ever read on Curezone. I haven't been posting much (yet), but am a frequent lurker. You have been helping kevinader and 2dreem on this forum with some of the most insightful suggestions and questions I have come across on this website. The help you offer probes comprehensively and deeply into the real issues, not just on these threads but on all that I have observed. All levels of our Being need to be addressed, mind-body-spirit, as well as creative aspects, psychological, environmental, attitudinal, etc. You include all of them! I have learned so much! Thank you!

I for one am very tired of hearing about quick fix solutions and promises of the next magic bullet, such as supplementation. Too much emphasis on the physical level! Your emphasis on the terrain and toxicity simplify the message as to how to heal. Not compartmentalized bandaids like taking this or that herb or supplement or food, to help this or that condition.

If I were a moderator, I would be following you around R'ing almost everything I read! Perhaps they are not reading these gems???? This is what Curezone should be about, this is real healing! This is priceless information that only comes through experience, and I hope that many see it.

Perhaps I should be posting this in the Webmaster forum, or the rant and RAVE forum? But I am compelled to butt in here, because these threads are profound and wonderful!

This particular thread is facinating, and it is raising some issues for me that I have had to deal with.

I have a teacher who tells me that I am too hung up on mercury...that the thought that mercury in my teeth is making me sick....does indeed do just that (make me sick). Or that I should be able to eat anything by blessing it and intending it to bring me balance, and that it will.

There is a rebel in me as well, and as the rebel child in the group, I argue with him about this mercury issue, and insist that I need to get it out of there, and detox what is in my tissue, organs, etc. Also, I am a raw foodie and he thinks this is extreme. He eats anything he wants, and although he has a weight issue, he is very energetic and in good health. His students see that he has a point, but I beg to differ. I plan on continuing with what resonates with me, and that which makes me feel lighter and clearer.

Getting clear is a real priority at this point, so that I can deprogram as well as no longer be "negatively" affected by aspects of the collective. I am quite sensitive, so I am continually asking myself "is this me or am I tapped into the whole." or "is this my feeling or picking stuff up" The clearer I get, the less I take on as my own. It's quite freeing. And I truly aspire to the losing of the self story and the merge into Oneness. Sounds like a paradox. Infinite fragmentation/Infinite Oneness.....

I can't thank you enough Lapis, for the expansion you have invited within me.....

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