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Yes good stuff....
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Published: 17 years ago
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Yes good stuff....

We can shape reality more the clearer we become in the sense of not being attached to the filters that reshpae reality and as we align with our deeper nature of oneness. This means all the programming within must be resolved and changed at that level of awareness. A person may think "oh I will bless this arsenic and it will not harm me" however aspects of the collective consciousness come to play here as charles has pointed out. From the ego view we are cocreators and from the more connected, unveiled view (oneness) we create fully and totally in a connectged fashion (at that level).

The work of the Toltec shamans was one of mind and losing the story of self in order to merge with oneness. These masters could morph forms (reportedly) among other amazing things. Amazing that is from a fragmented view, regular creating from an infinite potentiality (oneness) view.

Our story of ourselves keeps "god dammed" to various degrees. (not literally but more due to distortions and thus lack of coherency it stops down full awareness) After all its ALL god experiencing itself. We can wax and wain our awareness between fragemtnation (illusion of being cut of) or oneness (full on "god" consciousness which is infinite).

They key here is one of experience. Words are a pale pointer to these experential notions. So for many they just remain words.

So then at the full level of awareness is "god" consciousness that surpasses all laws and constructs and deals in infinite potentiality. At fragmented levels we have these "selves" which experience parts of the whole, a way for totality to experience its self in a holographic, folded way (with infinties harmonics). For us to begin to experience aspects of full potentiality we must get out of our own way in a sense. Our filters are the very interference patterns that step down the experience, in a way that a prism breaks light into components, only on an infinite harmonic and holgraphic scale.

Imagine this occuring in both "directions". Infinite fragmentation and infinite oneness.

This can be difficult to get ones head around, and again these are words pointing to the deeper experience. Contemplate what I and Charlse have shared and see what bubbles up. ;-) And i think we will both agree that its even grander than that because it is infinite in potential.



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