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Guilt is terribly destructive. Be at peace with yourself.
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Published: 16 years ago
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Guilt is terribly destructive. Be at peace with yourself.

Dear 46459,

Guilt is full of negative energy. It is terribly
destructive to your body and mind. Your intuition is
telling you that your guilt may well have generated
the cancer from which you're suffering. I agree.
It is the toxic emotions like guilt, hatred, aggression, and envy that are lethal to our health.

Every human being has done things in his past which he
But the past is dead.
It exists only as a memory. You need to make peace
with yourself, and you need to do it quickly.

Do NOT tell your wife and children about the affairs!
Indeed, don't tell anyone. You will make their lives
miserable, and your guilt will only grow.

Here's what you should say to yourself -- and I suggest
you say it aloud when you're completely alone.
"I did some things which I regret. But the man I am now
-- the man I am today -- would NOT have done those
things. I would not, knowingly, have hurt myself or

And then, you have to LEAVE IT! That's the best you
can do in the moment. The past is dead; the future is
uncertain. Send out mental greetings to all the people whom
you feel you wronged, and let them know -- and mean it -- that the man you are today would have treated them
very differently.

If you tell your wife, it will open up a pandora's box
of horrors that may do you both in. Telling her would
be a hateful act; in my opinion, a suicidal act.

You've learned from the experience. You obviously ARE
a better man than you used to be. But your guilt about
the affairs will certainly do you in, unless you can
banish it from your psyche.

Yes, the sexual indiscretions undoubtedly created bad
karma for you. The way to undue that, to erase it, is
by being the VERY best man you can be for the rest of
your life. Love your wife, children, and everyone else.
Educate yourself about real spirituality by reading
books like THE POWER OF NOW by Eckhart Tolle. Make a
firm resolution that for the rest of your life, you're
going to radiate loving energy to everyone who crosses
your path; from your little children to the checker in
the supermarket.

If you do that, my friend, your body may find a way to
heal itself of the cancer; your self-imposed punishment
for your sins. Banish guilt from your life. Banish
anger and all the other negative emotions. Be positive
and upbeat. Tell your body how much you love it. Ask
it to begin healing itself, so that you will have many
more years with your beloved family. Educate yourself
about anti-cancer protocols. CureZone is a wonderful
place to do that.

Be at peace with your past. Savor every moment of the
present. That's all any of us can do.

I will keep you in my prayers.



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