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Re: You forgot me!

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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: You forgot me!

Dear Nat!
You are not forgotten!!!!
The reading is over and I were just about to post it here.

I can very well understand your frustrations; there is a lot of ground for it.
This is the information I receive by screening you on the physical level.
I appreciate the surgeon’s opinion not to operate the gangrene bone. That surgeon might have intuitively sensed that your problem is mechanical and that it will not heal by surgery. Due to mechanical problems your peripheral nervous system as well as central nervous system is not balanced. That is why you feel you are reaching nowhere. All the mechanical problem also has an emotional component, but still it is very important to release the mechanical blockages.

In your case the body have to be put together in a special sequence by a good practitioner who knows advanced cranial work, osteopathic traumatology and know how to adjust the brainstem specifically. A craniosacral therapist will not be enough unless it is a very experience and well trained person. The level of osteopathy is generally high in Australia and I am sure there are some good therapists in Sydney.
In between the sessions, do not take hot shower/bath, sauna, since hot exposure may cause inflammation, and do no other treatment in between the sessions.

The teeth infection and the force applied in order to remove them, has caused some lesions in the balance between the cranial bones and attached structures.

The attachment of Tentorium has moved slightly caudal (downwards). Tentorium is a wing-like structure in the brain that is partly responsible for the balance of the head and the rest your body.

This position of Tentorium, cause a pressure in the left side of confluence sinus and right eye. The right eye is also slightly more posterior than the left eye. The eye is “the end part of the brain” and is closely connected with the brainstem, so this “dislocations” affects the brainstem as well.

Eye circuit should be corrected properly. This will help to reduce oxidative stress in the brain, because the brainstem will be able to absorb more oxygen.

If it was up to me I would suggest this sequence of treatment with 10 days in between each session:
(But of course you have to allow your therapist to assess this in his/her own way)

1.Mobilize Tentorium
2.Work with the left gleno-humeral joint and left side of lower lobe of the right lung.
3.Release brancial plexus of the right shoulder and mobilize the
4.Adjust the mechanical aspects of the heart and abdominal aorta.
5.Balance all cranial bones. (There is probably a back pain due
to sphenoid torsion.)
6.Balance eye cirqiut.

This treatment may help some emotions to fall into right places as well since many of your problems are more physical in origin.
You will probably not be familiar with some of the anatomical terms I have used, and I am sorry that it is difficult to communicate without it. It is a good idea to look up an anatomical atlas, just to get an idea. You can also ask your therapist to explain to you what he/she is doing and how it affects you.

Please not that I will be off for Easter holiday and will be out of connection for about a week.

Love, Swami


Dear Nat!
You are not forgotten!
Your reading is ready and I will post it here soon!
Love, Swami

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