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Re: to bt turcott
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: to bt turcott

"I say!
This is what is so suspicious about mh ! Not so much that his info is 80/20 but the rabid support from not only moderation but from those who appeared on the scene about the same time as mh!"

The support he has is likely largely from people such as myself who had no reason to post until we saw how unjustly this person has been attacked.

"Comparing those who are here because of there concerns about thier own health and the concern that someone is not feeding them some information that could possibly be harmful or slow the struggle that many face to regain thier health! To compare these people who come hear for one purpose and that is to take control of there own destinies to the fda or big pharma is the kind of consensis drivin dribble that is also very suspicious!"

There isnt a forum in here that an FDA troll couldnt make that arguement for. Its a matter of perspective. If anyone comes here and takes what someone says as gospel they are complete morons. MH has stated many times to not take him for his word but to do your own research as well! I also find it humourous that defending him only brings suspicion on him yet the posts that bash him not for what he says but how he says it are more like a forum troll than anything.

"For mh to jump in these forums and start condesending and and patronizing many ,some new to curezone and new to alternative methods of healing and tell them something that is so controversial they felt the need to question his advice and ask for help in the Webmaster forum only to be ganged up on so vehemethly is also shocking!"

There is nothing condescending or patronizing about any of MH's posts. Nothing about what MH posts is sneaky. If he disagrees you know it. And who is being ganged up on here? There are far more people in this forum complaining about MH than are defending him. If anyone is being ganged up on its MH. I find it strange that you people just dont address MH directly on your concerns. Instead you choose to run to teacher.

"To point to someone who questions mean natured and questionable advice and call them disgusting and dispicable are the very words I would use to describe those who would use those same words to an innocent women here only to help and find some answers for her self! And know you can say that she is comparable to big pharma is completely suspect!"

I never said this but please don't let me stop you from fear mongering further.

"Ya mh may be just a grumpy old man ,but what is everybody elses excuse for there form of intolerence!"

Yes, please tell me what is your excuse for your intolerance of MH.

" You say curezone is about choice but you disagree with those who would question and voice thier genuine concerns with the distraction of innocent excuse for a person we all know very little about and who refuses to tell us who he really is!"

I have absolutely no problem with people questioning MH on the validity of what he has to say. I do have a problem with people bashing him just because they do not like what he has to say. To quote myself because I dont think you actually read or understood what I wrote: "Please just learn what you can from eachother by accepting others views and openly questioning the things you disagree with." In other words... disagree til your hearts content. All I am saying is disagree with the substance of what he has to say and disagree with him not run here to the suggestion to Webmaster forum. As for people demanding to know more about MH I will simply say that what MH or anyone else for that matter wants to reveal of themselves is their business. Should I only take what you or anyone else has to say seriously because they tell me their name, address and phone number? Give me a break.

"I dont believe its those whose concerns are just wanting an honest answer and some assurance they are not being decieved! If you think that is comparable to big pharma you either are completely uninformed or highly suspicious yourself!"

Lets see, you want honest answers. Well how about I tell ya that at least half of what is on curezone would be deemed dishonest by the agencies that govern your country. You want "honest answers" go talk to a doctor. He is the only one "qualified" to give you honest answers. If you want advice from people who have tried different things themselves then let people speak without branding them heretics. You say that the Webmaster herself has concerns about MH's "questionable advice" yet she gave him his own forum. I think that speaks more to what she has to think about MH than anything.


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