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Re: MH & the Amish.
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: MH & the Amish.

"I am interested in the Amish way of life and hope to visit their region next year.
Right now I have a question. I read on a forum a statement that I find hard to believe. It said that the Amish rarely wash, that the people have dung between their toes for most of their lives and that when a baby wets or dirties a diaper they just hang it on the washing line to dry, before using it again."

Admittedly I found this passage to be odd when I first read his post but I really didnt think much of it. I assumed he was exaggerating to illustrate a point he makes later in the post. The point was that some bacteria is good for us. This point is true. We are killing ourselves when we spray every surface of our homes with disinfectant.


"I got to wondering about it...and remembered MH gave an address
for his books, etc. And I went to the white pages on the
internet and typed in J Counts...Middlesburg, Ohio (or whatever
it was...I KNEW at the time)...and there were none right "in"
Middlesburg...but 23 popped up in OHIO. Now what's the chances
of THAT?"

I am not sure I understand your point. I did the same search with probably a different whitepages site and found 17 in Ohio. I also found 18 in NY, 8 in California and 40+ in Texas. What are the odds in finding 23 J Counts in Ohio... I would say pretty good.

"AND jcounts says he ordered and received the books from MH. So
I tried to find THAT post...where he had asked for them. It
very well may be here, but I sure didn't find it."

MH requests you mail him your address so that he can send out his package so i doubt there ever was a post.


"There has never been a world boxing champion who has been light weight and heavyweight champion. It is physiologically impossible!"

You are wrong about this. It was possible although I dont know if anyone had done it. Is it possible that MH got his facts confused and meant mid, light mid, and heavy weight champion? If so then he could be talking about Bob Fitzsimmons. He was both mid and heavy weight champ at the same time. He then lost his heavyweight championship but later won the mid weight championship. Back then you could fight underweight unlike today where you HAVE to be at least 190lbs to fight in the heavyweight division. As well, in the early days of boxing the weight difference between the lightweight and heavyweight fighter was far less than it is today.

I find it interesting that people are attacking what MH has to say when he states things that are outside his field of expertise. Oddly enough he tells us to do our own research. He basically is telling us to not take him at his word. He offers us his research and posts his opinions here and that is it.

I myself have not made up my mind about MH. I want to see the package he is offering. I, however, absolutely support him giving his opinions and I truly believe he should have his own forum to do so. I believe he genuinely is trying to help people. You are welcome to draw your own conclusions. FYI, I too started posting when MH first came around I believe. Does that mean I am discredited too since I support MH?

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