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doctors are paid to push these products/drugs
wanda nevills Views: 53,555
Published: 13 years ago
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doctors are paid to push these products/drugs

I think it is absolutely true and disgusting that our doctors are being paid by the drug companies to push these drugs and products on us wheather they are safe and healthy or not. Of course the drug company is not going to tell us or our doctors about the negative effects and dangers because they are out to sell! Our doctors do not care if these drugs/hormones are bad for us as long as they are getting paid to push them on us, and as long as they do not have to be held accountable.
I suffered bad side effects from several different kinds of pills. I went to my doctor determined to get the IUD with no hormones but he still managed to talk me into the mirena somehow. Now I am regretting it. He told me there is only progesterin in it, not estrogen which is the element in pills that causes the nausea. He told me the level of Progesterin in the mirena is so miniscule and mostly stays in the uterus; 99% of women who use have no problem with it; It only causes menstrual-like cramps for a few hours after insertion. He even badmouthed the copper IUD saying it caused heavier periods and worse cramping (which ARE possible side effects.) Every time I brought up a concern about it he had a rebuttle.
I had the mirena inserted Jan. 3rd. I have been bleeding since then. It goes from a very light flow, to spotting, to light brownish spotting, back t a light flow... but far worse are the terrible episodes with cramping! Everyday feels like the first day of my period. Once I had sex and the next day started having horrible abdominal pain that did not feel like menstrual cramps but more like labor pains, like having a contraction but without breaks in between the pain. I have a nine month old daughter and could hardly pick her up or even walk for several days. I have been too scared to have sex again but still had another episode of this God-awfull cramping a week later. I also have pleanty of mood swings. I'm tired all of the time. And more than anything I am SO mad at myself for letting my doctor talk me into this. I think I'm going to have it removed but am not sure I even want to try the copper IUD. I don't know how much of this is caused by the hormones and how much by simply having a foriegn object in my uterus. If anyone has any source of information that is actualy of REAL medical information concerning the REAL risks and side effects and REAL statistics please let me know. The only information I have been able to find anywhere is of how wonderful Mirena is and how uncommon and insignificant the side effects are. Even when I called my doctor (who will no longer be my doctor after he removes this thing) all he could say is "that's very strange." and look for any other factor to blame these symptoms on.
I hope someone will read this and it will convince them to stand up for their OWN health and not be so trusting of these greedy, corrupt doctors. Of course Mirena works just fine for some people but you have reservations please don't discount your own opinion because your doctor tells you to. They are more persuasive than crack dealers. BE WEARY

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