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Re: Hi MH: Just talk to the bumble bees PLUS Co-creative Science
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Hi MH: Just talk to the bumble bees PLUS Co-creative Science

That is so funny! I know that my Mum gave the word to a hydrangea that she had had in the garden for five unblooming years. One more and it was out! Bloomed its little head off that year.

I do something called Co-creative Science in my garden. In order to work directly with Nature, I need to set up a coning with two Nature energies and two energies from my side -- this protects me.

I then can communicate with all of the Devas and Nature Spirits, using Applied Kinesiology -- testing the energies with my fingers and thumb. The goal is to build the energy of the garden so that all of the plants, birds, insects, etc. who live there are strong and in balance. The soil needs to be built up using various soil amendments. When the plants or animals and insects need to be strengthened, then I do that with flower essences (I work with 51 of them). The aim is to have strong crops of insects for the birds to harvest and so on. As well, the plants are nesting places for the insects; once they have laid their eggs, etc., they then should move on to other areas in the garden. I loved the food from this garden. I agreed that the creatures of the garden could consume 10% of the produce and never had a problem. The bunny rabbits enjoyed the lettuce as much as we did. Plus the clover that grew there as well!

I worked hard on the garden for the first couple of years and then got too busy and partly neglected doing what was necessary for the garden's energy building. I have streamlined my life so that I can work properly in the garden next year.

Since I have now decided that it is much more enjoyable to just sit in the garden and to enjoy all of the creatures who come through it, I have reshaped the garden and replanted it with native plants since the creatures will get better use of it then. I have also removed my vegetable garden and my raspberries bushes (which I now regret). I'll probably interplant with lettuces, etc. (I did get some wild strawberries!) I got the new shape for the garden and all of the proper plants for it from the Deva of the Garden. I had done this before when I had the vegetable garden. Without a doubt, Nature creates a truly wonderful space. In my front flower beds, Nature chooses combinations of flowers which are such fun to see through the summer!

This whole Co-creative Science was developed and researched by a lady in Virginia, Machaelle Small Wright, who has a 100-ft circular garden which is actually a Nature Research Centre. You can check it all out at We have gone to that garden on two occasions and I love it there.

The gardener becomes one of the workers in the garden, not the boss. It changes the way that we look at the bugs, etc. We had a wasp's nest right at one of our back windows, right next to the deck, so I had a conversation with the Deva of Wasps. I checked to see what the wasps would need and then requested that they not disturb any of the people who were sitting on the deck. We never had a problem.

A couple of years ago, we had about 20 large black ants crawling on the walls, inside the house. We also had a lot of construction going on around our area. So, I asked what the ants needed and I had to give them flower essences (done through the coning) for three days -- then, they were gone.

There is no 'we' and 'them' in our garden. We are all working together to create a strong, healthy space. The vitality of the food raised in such a space is much, much greater than from any other garden. However, we need to do more work on our soil.

Nature agreed to be responsible for all physical things on this planet: ie., human form, birds, plants, etc. But, more people are needed to work WITH Nature to regenerate areas because with humans just doing what they pleased and ignoring the requirements of the land, the Nature Spirits have withdrawn considerably. When man or woman declares that there should be a garden, and determines the goal of the garden, Nature welcomes the opportunity to work with man/woman to create the desired garden.

I use the essences personally for my electrical system and there are another couple of amazing health systems available for us. Again, this past year has caused me to neglect several important things -- I must reinstitute them in 2005! For instance, when I was having long sessions of the mercury being removed from my mouth, I had a group of oversouls there, checking to be sure that everything went smoothly. Being a total chicken at the dentist, I was amazed at how beautifully everything went. A piece of cake!

Enough for now.

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