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Parasite treatment for infants?
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Published: 17 years ago

Parasite treatment for infants?

MH -

I haven't posted for awhile - I've been kind of a ghost, reading all kinds of interesting things here on Curezone for a long time now. I don't normally like to ask questions regarding health concerns because, honestly, I don't like to follow advice if I'm not sure of the source. I guess that's why these Forums exist, so we can get to know those certain few who research health in-depth and have seen broad-range evidence of success. You'll notice that my basic questions here are peppered with my contempt for traditional medical practice. Please feel free to skip those parts.

I have read Dr. Clark's books on cancer. I originally did so with the hopes of helping my infant son who was dying from leukemia. I posted a couple messages back then asking for help, but I knew it was up to me to find the answers. I was never able to administer any of the programs outlined in Dr. Clarks books because the decision-makers at hospital we were in wouldn't allow us to give him herbs of any kind. I managed to sneak some things in to him like Pau D'arco and slippery elm when the chemo burned his GI lining. We were even threatened several times with jail and CPS unless we stopped trying to interfere with their protocol through our strenous requests for accompanying herbs. I did notice one time, when he ate some food that had rosemary in it, that he had little black strings come out in his feces. When I looked closely at them, they were like little black eggs in this pattern: *
Have you ever seen parasite eggs, visible to the eye, that resembled this pattern?

The incompitence of so-called "professionals" (known to the public by their grandiose and high-tower titles of "Oncologist"and "Neurosurgeon") eventually killed him. Yes, I consider his death a murder even though it started out as a "disease". I didn't fully comprehend the fact that these pushers are just college educated salespeople working for the pharmeceutical companies, until after our experience. These oncologists make so much money on each bag of chemo they prescribe- it makes me sick!!!

Why am I telling you this? Because I have a burning question that plagues me constantly - did my baby have parasites? Is that what caused his leukemia? He was born with the disease, although we only realized that in retrospect, after he was diagnosed at four months old. I will outline the circumstances in which I was living during the pregnancy to shed some light on possibilities...

I lived in the country - with 10 cats running in and out of the house all day, after running through pasture fields contaminated with God knows what. We lived at the bottom of a hill, where a stream collected from all the residences above us, and which collected in our well. We drank the well water, but ran it through a filter first. There were some pretty perfect lawns on our block, the kind you get from using weed/pest-control chemicals. The pump on the well would sometimes break. When I figured out the well water was probably bad, I switched to bottled.I thought this "country life" would be so much healthier for me and my children (I also have a 10 year old), but now I think differently after reading about parasites. Can parasites transfer through the placenta to the baby?

I've always eaten rare beef, dairy products, sushi, lots of exotic things. I didn't always take the time to completely sanitize everything I ate. Now, I feel like, based on Dr. Clark's recommendations, everything has to be handled like its radioactive. When I read that organic poduce isn't safe because of possible parasites, and I think about the pesticide-laden alternative, I will always choose organic whenever possible. But how do you treat food to make it safe without all the complications? I don't know, it all just makes me want to not eat anything sometimes. Well, it's probably obvious that I have parasites, but what about my baby?

The other day, I read some article titles from a university research team that referenced to a link between certain parasites and CD4 depletion which leads to leukemia. But mind you, this was animal research. Since, according to modern medical science, it's not possible for us pristine Americans to have parasites in the first place, no-one would admit the link between rates of animal cancer and parasites with human counterparts. At least no reputable M.D. would ever write a "paper" on the subject, let alone be granted government finance for studying such absurdities.

It's all about the big money - the KWAN - right?

We have since been blessed with another baby - this time a girl. I'm getting worried because the black strips I mentioned before are now appearing in her feces. Actually, they start out as a reddish-brown when they're first evacuated, then turn black when exposed to air. She's breast fed almost exclusively except for a few bites of solids here and there. I do give her banana on occasion - maybe twice per week. I read somewhere in a posting from Dusan that these thread-like things people are seeing in their BM's are just undigested banana strings. I actually wondered the same thing before seeing that post. But the problem is - she had HUNDREDS of these things in her last poopy diaper. It's been getting progressively heavier over the last few weeks - not in line with her minimal banana intake. I dare not take her to an MD for this. I hope you have some input for me. I do have some Clarkia, double strength, and I've just started her on that.
I tried to take pictures, but my camera won't focus that small.

I absolutely could not bear it if history repeats itself with my baby daughter. She's only seven months old now, and we've had her tested for Leukemia, which was negative, but she does have mild anemia. What can I do? I will follow your advice because I believe that what you say is based in truth and sound thinking, as well as experience.



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