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Re: irradiation on oranges and juice
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: irradiation on oranges and juice

If you buy commercial foods, this is what your asking for! Fruits have maybe a few added taste enhancing chemicals, your processed commercial foods and drinks have up to 15,000, sow hat is worse, eating an orange or your Moutain Dew???

If you follow the rules, you don't need to worry about these things! There are hundreds of people if not thousands in the business of organic pure fruits and berries and nuts!

I personally buy Lakewood out of Florida by the cases,my average bill is over $800 per order. They are the finest organic juices you can get from a commercial business in my opinion. They have been organic for well over 60 years!

Does this mean much when your air is being sprayed 24 / 7 with deadly chemicals?????????? Does it mean much when your rebreathing your own deadly gases while your sleeping in a confined bedroom????? Does it really mean much when your body is getting blasted ever single of second of life till death with man made frequencies and micro and scaler waves????

Do the same people that are scared of real food, eat at a reasturant or buy from a store???

The simple facts are this, you stop eating non/human foods and your body can handle toxic chemicals hundreds of times easier than your body can while your not eating fruits and berries!

The Hulda Clark information would have you scared to eat or drink anything on this earth!!!!!!! Sure these chemcials are there and as she states, they may be in the trillionths and they always will be in a commercialized world and it will get worse!

Once your well enought to think clearly and loose your fears, you soon realize your body has the POWER that GOD gave it and you can walk where the toxic can not! you can survive and make use of all the chemcials, your liver is a chemical manufacturer and don't believe for one second it can not take evey chemical you sunject it to and make good use of it! It will make new chemicals and produce a super body!

Humans adapt, we always have! You can't run from toxic life on earth, you adapt, or you die fighting a loosing battle! When you loose the fear, you gain the upper hand! Your body will follow the path the brain makes for it, you believe these chemicals are going to get you and they will!

Buy from the farmers when you can, buy organic fresh and dried, raise your own, know one thing, they are all polluted with bad chemicals, non are totally natural! We and our foods can be no better off than our air is!

If youn hadn't noticed one thing, think about this FACT, we humans live on the BOTTOM of a huge ocean of lets call it "air" and we humans have about 34,000 pounds of pressure per square inch applied to our skin. (don't quote me, read the exact numbners in any good book on the subject. We are made of cosmic energy directly from the SUN, not the things you put in your mouth daily. Not one piece of food ever enters your atoms all of your days! Not even one of these toxic chemicals can enter!

If you die of toxic chemicals, it is only because you ate the wrong foods that accumulated in your lymph glands and tissues and slowed down your blood and your blood is made from each breathe of air you breathe and the electical energy (cosmic sun energy)from the sun!

I work is a hell hole of a lead factory and I get more deadly chemicals in one breathe of air there than you would get from eating your worse commerical fruit or berry! We are what we breath, not what we eat! What we eat only accumulates in us,it does not become part of us! We are Atoms and we never die! Our body may die when the Spirit can no longer breath (The Life is in the Blood (air) you know), but no scientist will tell you that a Atom can die! Every atom vibrates, even every atom in the hardest rock on earth! This is why they write that "ALL" you can see or not see is compressed cosmic energyand this energy never dies! It only returns from wence it came!

Fear of chemicals is deadly to the ego, learning to adapt and follow simple Nature rules makes life enjoyable!

You can't imagine how many people I have came accross that are scared to leave their own homes! They have been taught to fear just about everything and a person in fear can not enjoy life!

Your body is a factory! It is a mighty furnace! You take care of it and will laugh at toxic chemicals! It will take them, convert them, use them or expell them! But if you dwell on how bad they are, your fears will slowly cause premature death.

I forget the man that wrote this, but someone said most all of what we fear, never comes to pass. again don't quote me, the saying is much better and you see it in very old court houses, etc.

Enjoy what ever you eat and learn to eat to live, not live to eat and you will be fine!

Many blessings,

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