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Re: Chemtrails? Fact or Fiction?
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Published: 18 years ago
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Re: Chemtrails? Fact or Fiction?

Look outside at the sky in the morning, take a look every day at differant times of the day and look for 1-2 high altitude air force jets making coast to coast chem trails. Commercial jets leave a 2-5 miles trail that dissapears while you still see the jet in the sky.

The chem trail boys are spraying you and I and have done so for 60 years. I have talked to guys that did it and they are trained to believe it is for the good of all to kill you! Give these boys enough monthly vaccinations and they will believe anything they are told by their superiors! Give them a bomb and they will drop it where told, you get the picture!

I don't need to educate you on this one, look up thousands of websites on chem trails.

look to the sky and prove it to your self. 90+% pof all cloud cover is chemicals from these jets. Go to Wright Pat Air Force base on the web, they brag about weather control.

All weather men/women on the news and papers are 100% fakes, I asked many years ago where they get their weather information, it comes 100% from the US AIRFORCE, the people who control the weather or attempt to. Even USA today had to admit this, the weather man is nothing but a mouth piece for the airforce. Wright Pat will tell you the weather 5 days in advance.

Watch the chem trailers, they lay down the cloud cover in 5 miles widths and then they criss cross it all togather and then they charge it and they know when and where it will rain or storm.

You want to get scared? Research operation Clover leaf.

I teach chem trail awareness at seminars, I don't expect one person to believe me, what does happen? They all start to watch the sky, in 1-2 years they are 100% believers.

To believe in chemtrail population control is unthinkable and refused by the general slave. They can not believe their masters would kill them, it just can't be so!

There are plenty of fake websites attempting to mislead you, so look at 100 of them as you are learning.

Look to the sky daily, once your free, you will see the sky every day the rest of your life. I came accross people who worked in the programs and the stories are too much to tell.

I have one medical book explaining the first experiments in Texas in 1940's. It explained that most of the frienly bacteria in the soil was destroyed by the arieal spraying of the people and that some day in the future it would be hard to raise food in America with out pestacides, because only the good die, the pest can not be killed, it is nature's way to supply the pest to eat the dead!

You could learn about chem trails for years and years, I don't anymore. They are going to do it regardless what we do or say. if you get out of hand, your asking for more spray, etc.

Many doctors supply the data from the emergency rooms for these sprays, the one I know called up hospitals daily to record the amount of asthma patients admitted daily and the chem trails solutions would be chnaged to hit the daily quota for each state, etc. This goes on for ever! You can read hundreds of papes on the militery uses for these trails and so much more!

my suggestion is to just look up. I have never traveled anywhere that these just don't spray, the cities being the worse. If you live in a poplulated area, you can guess why they get sprayed more. I speculate it is based on the amount of S.S. requested for each city, just my guess, never have read this.

The end result of your quest, if you continue will amount to this, we of this world are being farmed, period! We are fed and watered and medicated just like we did cattle on the famr I was raised on.

A hint, look at the current flue shot vaccines!!!! Every wonder why they want the old, the sick and the under 2 years of age to get this shot????? I have my opinion and I talked it over with a HARVARD MD teacher who was apart of this program and we both agreed. If you have X amount of land/food for X amount of cattle, what do you do when you have too many cattle???

You send the old and sick to market and you don't want any more babies!!! Sound like the flue shot is for those that they don't want and this Md agreed 100%.

None of this realy matters, you can't escape, but you can avoid the system the best you can and the more you avoid it, the freere you will be.

These things date abck to the 4th century where millions were murdered and sent the world into the darkages where the wpmen and children served those in castles, maybe those in the castles think those were the good old days and want all the men murdered again and start over, who knows! It is a depressing subject I rarely talk about anymore, few want to believe a single word of it and maybe they are better off.

Many Blessings

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