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Re: Another pseudonym ......
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Another pseudonym ......

southern belle,

It gets curiouser :)

Clements, George R., L.L.B., N.D.,
AKA Prof. Hilton Hotema.
AKA Kenyon Klamonti
AKA Dr.Karl Kridler (?) the wording confused me in the text

The following text taken from the second link is an interesting read, although too sci-fi for me. The first link explains the typos. Sorry, I'm not about to do paragraph breaks cos I'd mess up!

4 4 MAN'S HIGUR CONSCIOUSIR33 By Prof. Hilton Hotema. About 250 Pages, spiral bindinka"" . Revised Adit. 1962 by Ith Research, Mokelunne Hill, Cal. Every bite of food you eat, every drop of water you drink, each cup of coffee or tea, and every eigaret you smoke are helping to push you over the cliff of death. This is the startling premise of "Man's Higher Consciousness" by Prof. Hilton Hotema, who says man originally was supposed to live 80,000 to 100,000 years, but his teeth and alimentary canal are cutting that period down to an infinitesimal part. Truly, when Eve ate the apple, and coaxed Adam into doing likewise, she closed the Garden of Everlasting Life. It wasn't the apple, put theprocess of eating, that wasthe "serpent", if we accept the findings of Prof. Hotema. This book first was published in 1952 under the title, "Man's Miraculous UnusedPowee' under the pseudonym of Kenyon Klamonti. When the edition was exhausted, it was reprinted. This, too, was sold out, and is being reprinted 10 years later under theHotema by-line. ABERREE readers of "The Book They Blamed on God" know that Dr.Karl Kridler has many pseudonyms, and "Prof. Hilton Hotema" is only one of them. According to Hotema, , Man did not come from sea slime, but from another planet in a space ship, similar to the ones now called "flying saucers". At that time, man lived on air alone, and his life expectancy was a thousand centuries. Now, a centenarian is such a rarity that when one is discovered, he is given the V.I. P. treatment-taken to a city with contaminated air and wined and dined to the death he has avoided for so many decades. Original man, Hotema declares. was blonde, with light blue eyes, and golden yellow hair. He lived in high altitudes where the air was pure; when he began to descend into the valleys--he began to darken as he started eating-- first water. then fruit, next vege- tables, and finally, meat--and at birth, he was merely a hop, skip, and a jump from the cem- etery. Why don't the poisons in the food and water we drink kill us immediately instead of PLM.Longing it for 70 or so years? It's because man can adjust (within limits) to his environment. Like the eigaret that makes the boy sick when he takes his first puff, he gets to the point where he not only can smoke without getting sick but actually becomes a slave to tobacco poisons. This also is true of our adulterated food , and the poisoned water city dwellers must drink. Also, we adjust to air so foul that a breatharian (one who lives on air alone) would be in danger of dropping dead if he suddenly came in contact with what passes for air in most of our cities. Hotema blames much of this "deadly diet" to education, which has the primary aim of increasing wants-- providing newmarkets and newdemands-- to make men wage slaves. Any- one who disputes these beliefs is promptly silenced and made "harmless" to commercial in- terests "for the good of the people". No matter how much you en- joy a good steak, or a dinner with friends, or even the hor- rible stuff hotels serve at a so-called "banquet". you'll do a bit of serious thinking when you read "Man's Higher Con- sciousness". And maybe, instead of reaching for another bis- cuit, or helping of potatoes, you'll say: "Please pass the tire pump", of course, check- ing to see that said tire pump is capable of providing pure. uncontaminated air.-Trah Nika.


Hope you enjoyed this!


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