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How I cured my Acne

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mari25 Views: 1,115
Published: 18 years ago
Status:       RN [Message recommended for CureZone Newsletter!]

How I cured my Acne

I managed to cure my Acne after suffering with moderate Acne for 4 years. I tried everything from Proactive, retin-a, tetracycline (which worked for a short time, but just messed up my liver in the long run because my Acne came back worse than ever after I stopped), to spending hundreds on microdermabrasion and colon therapy; all these only worked temporarily.

Finally I started taking advice from what I learned (mostly on curezone) and have cleared my skin. Since I did a combination of things all at once Iím not really certain which had the most effect, I think they were all important in helping to clear my skin.

Things I did:
1. Vitamin B5- It caused a really terrible initial breakout and took a good 6 months to clear me up but after that my skin was 80% better.
2. Never drinking soda- if I drink any soda, especially dark cola I will breakout right away.
3. Colloidal Silver - I just recently started this about 2 months ago and it took me from 80% clear to 95% clear skin. I make my own and drink about 1 oz. a day and spray on my face 2x a day after washing my face. (warning- this also gave me an initial breakout- but worth it)
4. 5 Liver Flushes- Iíve done 5 Liver Flushes in the last year, Iím sure this has helped my liver process toxins because I still eat candy and chocolate and no longer breakout from it.
5. Never wash my face with soap- too drying- use a cream cleanser. I also use sulfur-based products to dry up any pimples I may get.

Incidentally, I eat a pretty healthy Diet with lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Iím sure if you eat a lot of processed foods it canít be good for your skin. I also take skin vitamins. Everyone is different but I donít breakout if I have the occasional candy bar, or even my twice-daily cup of coffee, only soda never fails to make me break out.

I am just getting into Hulda Clark ís book and ordered a zapper. I will try that and see what effect it has on my skin and overall health. Like I said my skin is pretty much 90-95% clear but if acne is caused by the Trichnella parasite as Clark says Iím sure zapping would be helpful. I will try it and post back again on my findings.

I hope this helps everyone who is battling acne, I learned a lot from the forums when I was struggling with my acne and am so happy that I found a way to cure/prevent it that doesnít require me to stick to an unreasonably strict diet or spend a ton of money. Vitamin B5, Colloidal Silver -if you make your own, and Liver Flushes are relatively cheap compared to all the other stuff I used to do. Good luck to everyone and donít get discouraged if it takes a while longer to cure or if you get an initial breakout, its tempting to go on prescription drugs but I would advise against it- youíll only be messing up your system and masking the true cause.

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