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Two 'echoes' invited into the light
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Published: 14 years ago
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Two 'echoes' invited into the light

Some time after moving to this 1969 house, I heard what sounded like 2X4's bumping the walls in the basement. This happened often before I fell into the deepest level of sleep.

Once, I remember clearing my throat in my sleep, and immediately heard a scramble of leather-soled shoes in the central hallway, perhaps a child's shoes, just outside of our bedroom door.

The next morning I told my husband that there was definitely someone in the house last night.

Oddly, I was not alarmed, as certain as I was that these were real presences.

Also oddly, the scramble of footsteps in the hall did not cause the floor to squeak as it always does.

I told a man who is intuitive that our house is haunted, and he quietly spoke to the entities, one at a time, and invited them to look toward the light.

They both were reluctant, but did so after a few sentences each.

The first, I was told, was the 72 year-old man who had built this house. He felt an 'ownership' of the property - despite the many owners and renters who have misused this home since.

The other was a man who was 31 years old when he died. We don't know how he was connected to the house, but his footsteps here were definitely from childhood, perhaps scrambling to duck being caught at something.

His father was waiting for him in the light.

I felt the peace of their passing into the light, and they are definitely 'gone' from our home. I know this from the way I feel, not only the fact that I haven't heard them again.

On a program called "Rescue Mediums", two British women invite the remaining 'echoes' of former residents to go toward the light. Each event is striking and beautiful in its own way, but they were even able to help an unhappy priest resolve his fear of retribution for his errors.

In another case, they helped a worried mother whose child had drowned. They found the boy hiding in an attic closet. Stunningly, his momma came to take him into the light.

I'm coming to believe that we all go to peace and fulfillment at the end of our lives; that we all can, even if we don't yet know that we can, at the time of our deaths.

I believe that even the wrong-doers can enter into peacefulness at the end; that all ways of living are just possiblities; that living better simply makes happiness while we experience 'life'.

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