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Re: Red Raspberry Gold Ellagic Acid
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Red Raspberry Gold Ellagic Acid

1. A copy of a testimonial letter follows from a woman with somewhat similar questions.
2. Do your own research on ellagic acid in google or another search engine.
3. There is much positive data that seems to offer hope.
4. My Mom died from incorrectly or none diagnosed cervical cancer in the early 1970's. It was her second bout but properly diagnosed far too late. Today's treatments and nutrition alternatives combine for a better result for you.
5. NOTE: I received the following testimonial because I am a distributor for the named product in her letter. A link to the information site is with the message. Some research data is also available at the site.
6. Email me for her contact data if you'd like to connect with her. I changed that info for privacy sake even tho she put it in her letter.

Subject: Ellagic Acid
By S..... M..... – July 22, 2004

I am a 51 year old American citizen who has been living in
Taipei, Taiwan for the past 13 ½ years. On July 2, 2003
I was scheduled (here in Taipei) for a “routine” hysterectomy
because of uterine tumors and endometriosis. After the
surgery, and upon examination of the uterus in the lab, I was
informed that I had had “second stage” endometrial cancer of
the uterus. At that time, the doctors believed that the cancer
had been completely contained and removed with the uterus
so there was no need to worry any more. The ovaries were
not removed.

About eight months later, near the end of February, 2004,
I developed a painful inflammation of the intestines along with
a distended abdomen. After several trips to the emergency
room, a sonogram revealed that I had a massive 20 cm tumor
in my abdomen. I was promptly scheduled for surgery two
days later on February 25, 2004. The biopsy from the lab
test, along with the CA-125 blood test reading of over 1800
taken just before surgery, revealed that I had fourth stage
ovarian cancer. After the surgery and the successful removal
of the tumor, my next CA-125 blood test reading was about
167 (normal is 25 – 35). My new oncologist, who was also
the head of the Radiation Department, strongly recommended
that I start radiation and chemotherapy in two weeks.

During those two weeks (the first half of March) my father
called from the States recommending that I immediately start
taking “Ellagic Acid” – a natural concentrated “ellagitannin”
taken from Meeker Red Raspberries. This substance has
been proven, in lab tests at the Hollings Cancer Center in
S.C., to kill cancer cells and arrest the growth of cancer.
My father had known others in the U.S. whose cancer
improved or disappeared by taking the Ellagic Acid so he was
confident that it would help me also. Of course I was skeptical
as one tends to be in life threatening situations. However,
since I really wanted to avoid chemotherapy I decided to give
it a try.

I agreed to start radiation treatments (mostly to satisfy my
oncologist) but asked him to hold off on the chemotherapy
for just three weeks while I tried taking the Ellagic Acid. My
doctor was not happy at all but grudgingly agreed to let me
try it. I told him that if my CA-125 blood test didn't show
significant improvement at the end of three weeks, then
I would start chemotherapy. I did not go on any special diet
at this time as the radiation treatments made me so nauseated
that I just ate what I felt like eating. I took six capsules of
Ellagic Acid a day for three weeks – two in the morning, 10
minutes before breakfast, two before lunch and two before
dinner. I also took multi vitamin/mineral supplements. I also
drank lots of water.

Three weeks later I had another blood test and anxiously
went into my doctor's office for the results. My oncologist
announced that the CA-125 reading was “12”!, even below
that of a so called healthy person. The doctor was very
surprised and I was ecstatic. He said that I didn't need to
o chemo and could stop the radiation treatments in a few
days. He scheduled another blood test in three more weeks.
I continued taking the Ellagic Acid but cut down to four
capsules a day. Three weeks later my CA-125 blood test
reading was about “10.5”. My doctor said that I could wait
two months before the next test which was scheduled for
June 23, 2004. I cut down to three capsules of Ellagic Acid
per day. My reading from that test was “9.6”. I am basically
cancer free. I have now cut down to two capsules per day
and will take two a day for the rest of my life as preventive
insurance. I will also continue to have my blood tested

Although many companies are now selling Ellagic Acid, the
one that I took is from a company called Pro Star Nutrition
(soon to be Pro-Image Nutrition). I know that they only use
the highest quality ingredients and that it works. At the very
least this product saved me from six months of misery
undergoing chemotherapy. At most, it saved my life. If
anyone has any further questions about this experience, they
can contact me through email at or
call my father, G..... M..... in Missouri, USA at: 636-225-xxxx.

A special thanks also to my aunt, Shirley
Lxxy, for initially telling my father about Ellagic Acid. I cant
say enough good things about this product.

Most Sincerely,

S..... A. M.....


Pro Image's Red Raspberry Gold Ellagic Acid


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