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Fasting for Health
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Published: 17 years ago
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Fasting for Health

Fasting for Health
A preview of Kris A. Pletschke upcoming book entitled:
The Raw Conscious Evolution

There are many reasons and ways to cleanse the body of impurities that naturally accumulate due to diet, lifestyle, environment al factors and normal metabolic function. Regardless of the reason, waste material is in your body, it is vitally important to remove it to lower the toxic damage that will occur. If they are left alone to irritate, poison, rot, putrefy or ferment measurable life-potential will be diminished.
Over the years I have experimented with and read lots of so called "fasting programs". When I speak of fasting, I am talking about the elimination of all solid and liquid foods. In addition, planning length of time between 1 - 14 days. The only substance that enter your body is filtered or distilled water, if necessary, herbal or oxygen cleansing products. They help remove the impacted mucous linings that may exist in your small intestines. Other than that, no substance that requires the digestive process is recommended. The point is to accelerate the detoxification process of all four major eliminative organs.
As stated earlier, digestion uses about 50% of your vital energy to breakdown the food you ingest. The remainder is used for every other life operating process. Therefore, when one fasts, greater amounts of the energy resources are available for bodily hygiene. Fasting is a wonderful way to expedite the ability to transition with more ease. You will also find that the length of time you are able to fast will increase as more raw foods are integrated into your diet.
Prior to fasting, it is necessary to prepare the body, mind and emotions. If proper preparation is not undergone, then tremendous challenge and discomfort is likely. The closer you are to a Raw Foodist diet, the shorter the transition and easier the fast will be. If your diet consists of animal flesh, dairy products, refined sugars and cooked grains the transition period must be longer to ease the intense cravings and detoxification those foods create. Do not become concerned with the idea that you are starving your body. Your body will assume more efficiency afterwards, further allowing better digestion and absorption of nutrients. The symptoms you experience will be the failing attempts of an ego to get what it craves, yet your body knows is poison. They are the illusions of the false body. Allow integrity and faith to guide you to the end of the determined program.
Support is very helpful the assist you during these trying times. Let those around you what you are doing, why, and what support if any you may require. It may prove to be a short, yet intense experience. Focus not on the intense factors, rather focus you attention on the relatively short amount of time it will take place and the true benefits it will cultivate within.

Preparations for fasting;

Decide what length of time is best for you now.
Establish an appropriate span of time ranging a cumulative total of 2-4 weeks. If you are new to this process, allow a 7-12 before the actual fast begins. Others who are more experienced allow 5-7 days before fasting.
If possible have it occur on a vacation or weekend.
Write it down in a calendar to create the planned commitment.
Let those closest to you know if necessary.
Orchestrate it so that there will be either less food or less of the foods you ‘should not’ eat. Temptation can be an awful opponent.
Purchase your filtered or distilled water. You will consume around 1 gallon daily.
Purchase your enema supplies. You can use warm filtered or distilled water alone or add other ingredients to the bag such as 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, 10-20 drops of hydrogen peroxide, or 1 teaspoon of regular baking soda.
It would be good to inject a culture of friendly-flora bacteria and reserve inside overnight.
Lastly, get any special cleansing products that will assist in emulsifying and removing bowel accumulations. It has been my experience that psyllium hulls or seeds are very coagulating and therefore constipating to the intestinal system. 80% of my clients experience more complications that benefit. This is one of the reasons why I have found magnesium oxide based products to be more beneficial. Contact Family Health News in the resources or me for a product catalog.

Steps before fasting;

1. Eliminate all fried foods, animal flesh, dairy, and canned foods from you diet. Do so in that descending order and eliminate over 3-5 days. 2. Eliminate the use of all condiments, concentrated salt, Sugar foods and inorganic supplements and recreational substances. Cut regular servings to 75% of the amounts that you are accustom to eating. 3. Minimize all the cooked grains and seeds, eventually eliminate them over 3-5 days. First of which should be those grains high in gluten. Perform enemas every 3 days. 4. Minimize all cooked vegetables while increasing your raw food intake. Increase fresh vegetable juices. Be cautious of over eating, minimize to 50% and allow 2-3 days before only raw food is eaten. Perform enemas 2 day. 5. Transition from solid to all liquid food. Eliminate vegetable juices and increase fruit juices. Allow 1-2 days 6. Eventually dilute all juices 50% with water. Allow 1-2 days before water only. Perform 1 enemas daily. 7. Congratulations, you are now ready to begin your predetermined water-only fast. At this time, it is recommended you perform 1-2 enemas daily.
About the in fasting process

Once you begin you Water Fast it is advisable to minimize any unnecessary expenditure of vital-force. Rest is highly recommended. Depending on the level of detoxification that occurs, you may to too wiped out to do anything else other than sleep or rest.
Perform daily skin brushing. Take bathes each or every other day with a half-cup of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. If your tube water is chlorinated few and less time soaking is advised. Adding wheat grass to chlorinated water will help. Do not apply much in the way of oils either, allow the skin to breathe. Rest while you sun bathe when possible, although keep from ever burning. Expose your body to the healing rays of the sun, yet do not waste vital energy through recuperating from heat exhaustion.
The cleansing process may have several phases of detox. Symptoms may occur during the transition, at the beginning of the water fast, or some where toward the end.
Surrender to the processes that take place. A certain level of challenge is expected. However, please realize it is not an endurance test. If your body is properly prepared and able, the process will be a natural routine. When intense symptoms arise and exceeds your comfort level, begin the process back in the reverse order you eliminated foods from you diet. (i.e. fruit juice- vegetable juice- solid foods-etc)
One way to know when you are ready to break the fast is when natural hunger returns. Now the ‘natural hunger’ I speak of is not associated with the physical cravings one experiences as foods are removed from the diet.
Normally there will be three stages gradually carrying you back to natural hunger once the Water Fast has begun. #1 emotional cravings and detoxification, #2 stabilizing or easing of symptoms and a period of calm peace and revelation, #3 saliva and other gastric function gradually return.
It is very important at this stage not to indulge into your regular diet too soon. Remember, your system has been on a well-deserved vacation. Great discomfort can result if the dense and more difficult foods are ingested too soon. Actually, you are not truly done with your process. The ease at which you come back to food will reflect the wisdom you have attained and the clarity your body has realized.
Healing crisis' are desired signs
Many people wonder why they get such a strong reaction to fresh salads or acidic fruits. Body pH holds a large part of the answer. Your chemistry teacher may have told you not to mix water with acid because it will cause a volatile reaction. Well if your body is full of acidic compounds, then naturally it will react to an alkaline forming food at the opposite end of the spectrum. It may cause upset stomach, diarrhea, runny nose, rash, etc. If you gently transition away from excess acid forming foods and add more neutral and alkaline ones, the reactions will be lessened and your health will surely experience a change for the better.
There was an unfortunate incident, which occurred in Portland, OR. A woman was dining out and forgot to as if there was any peanut oils or nuts in her dish. Soon after eating she was rushed to the hospital and died due to an allergic reaction of the body. Come to find out, there were only trace amounts in the sauce of the meal. These are extreme examples of food reactions I will agree. They also illustrate the extent to which a body will go to purge toxic material. To begin noticing a positive change, it does not require great effort. Some of my clients noticed a change when choosing organic meat over non-organic meat. This was over a period of a week.

Kris A. Pletschke

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