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Re: who's doint the 40 day fast????

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kathy777 Views: 1,973
Published: 16 years ago
This is a reply to # 695,948

Re: who's doint the 40 day fast????

A colonic is where you run water in and out at same time and intermitenly hold it for 5 seconds. This is plain water from your shower with this device. You control flow,temperature [lukewarm]and the amount you want to do.

When you fast you get toxins that take there time in wanting to come out even using the tea. This way you get the toxins out when you don't feel good and immediately feel better.

Yes you have much in your intestines here is why.

Answer: From the works of Richard Anderson, N.D.,

"The intestines can store a vast amount of partially
digested, putrefying matter (as well as drugs and
other toxic chemicals)—for decades even. Some
intestines, when autopsied, have weighed up to 40
pounds and were distended to a diameter of 12 inches
with only a pencil-thin channel through which the
feces could move.

That 40 pounds was due to caked layers of encrusted
mucus mixed with fecal matter, bizarrely resembling
hardened blackish-green truck tire rubber or an old
piece of dried rawhide. I call this mucoid plaque.
This mucoid plaque, when it is removed during an
intensive colon cleanse, often shows ropelike twists,
striations, overlaps, folds, creases—the shape and
texture of the intestinal wall.

Mucoid plaque may vary considerably, depending on the
chemical conditions in a person’s intestines. It may
be hard and brittle; it may be firm and thick; tough,
wet, and rubbery; soft, thick, and mucoid; or soft,
transparent, and thin; it can range in color from
light brown, black, or greenish-black to yellow or
grey, and sometimes emits an intensely foul odor.

One client I know, in the course of a month-long colon
cleanse, passed a single length of mucoid plaque 15
feet long; another client excreted a total of 11
pounds of mucoid plaque during a cleanse. It is not
unusual to pass a total of 35 to 45 feet of plaque,
often in the last week. In our clinical experience of
monitoring thousands of intensive colon cleanse
programs over the last 14 years, most people pass a
staggering amount of this strange substance.

I coined the term mucoid plaque, meaning a film of
mucus, to describe the unhealthy accumulation of
abnormal mucous matter on the walls of the intestines.
Conventional medicine knows this as a layering of
mucin or glycoproteins (made up of 20 amino acids and
50% carbohydrates) which are naturally and
appropriately secreted by intestines as protection
from acids and toxins.

However, mucoid plaque is different from the mucosal
lining (mucosa) of the gastrointestinal tract. The
latter acts as a necessary buffer to the
gastrointestinal wall and as a lubricant for
peristalsis; it is also responsible for the secretion
of mucins which comprise mucoid plaque. The cells of
the outermost layer of the mucosa (the epithelium)
stay fresh and vital, renewing themselves every four
to seven days.

It sounds paradoxical, but medical research indicates
that mucoid plaque is a normal self-defense
measure—natural protection from unnatural toxins.

Evidence indicates that mucoid plaque, with the
possible exception of that found in the stomach, is
unnatural to the healthy body and is found only after
the body has moved away from perfect health and into a
diseased state. The theory goes that if you were
completely healthy, your system would produce no
mucoid plaque because it wouldn’t need to.

When the body has been chronically subjected to (or
put under attack by) drugs (such as aspirin or
alcohol), salt, heavy metals (including dental
mercury), toxic chemicals, parasites, harmful microbes
and their toxins, and circulating immune complexes
(immune cells locked onto undigested particles or
foreign substances in the bloodstream), it produces
mucoid plaque to protect itself.

The trouble is once the mucoid plaque is created, for
whatever biologically important reason, it is not
routinely excreted from the intestines. Instead it
lodges in the numerous folds and crevices of this
large organ and can remain there for many years. Over
time, the mucoid plaque grows thicker, firmer, and
more widespread—colonizing, as it were, the tennis
court–sized interior of the intestines. Old feces
adhere to the plaque and are not removed during a
normal bowel motion.

The plaque slows down intestinal action, both waste
excretion and nutrient absorption. It can harbor
pathogens, including bacteria and parasites, which
actually hide underneath the plaque; it may block the
normal outflow of lymph and mucin drainage. It binds
toxins to itself and contributes to bowel toxicity,
slowly emitting toxins into the bloodstream. Finally,
plaque creates a friendly environment for disease, in
some cases for colon cancer and gastric carcinomas.

Gradually your immune system is weakened as the
chronically toxic bowel environment destroys useful
bacteria. Your liver becomes overburdened by the
unprocessed intestinal toxins, and nerve meridian
points in the intestines related to hundreds of other
parts of the body are compromised.

A toxic bowel results in toxic blood and lymph, toxic
organs and cells, and toxic function. The bowel
“feeds” every organ, tissue, and cell in our bodies,
so when the quality of feeding from the digestive
system is contaminated or of poor quality, the cells
and organs elsewhere in the body will be compromised
and grow sluggish and inefficient.

So while mucoid plaque is “natural” in that the
intestines produce it, it is most unnatural in that
the presence of a large amount of it indicates a high
degree of intestinal ill health. When the intestines
are ill, you will be ill. "

Dr. Anderson is the founder of Arise & Shine Herbal
Products, a company that produces the Cleanse Thyself
Program a Colon Cleanse and full body detoxification
system. Dr. Anderson is also the author of Cleanse and
Purify Thyself , Books One and Two (Christobe
Publishing, 1998). More information can be found on
his website at

So I plan on fasting for a long time on The Master Cleanse which i got from this site. I like The Master Cleanse for two reasons one i am not hungry two it balances you PH which i feel is very very important.

thank kathy


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