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WHOOSH girl here. lost 54# and now weigh 125#!!!!!

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Published: 17 years ago

WHOOSH girl here. lost 54# and now weigh 125#!!!!!

height: 5'3''
starting weight at first fast: 184
starting weight at second fast: 179#
current weight: a shapely curvy 125# YES!!!!
days fasting: approx 43 days
# lost: 54#

just thought i would keep you guys updated on my progress. i noticed there are a few new people so i'm just going to state my situation again and let you all in my new joy.

this is my second time trying this water fast. that lasted about 10 days or so. then i started to eat again. i didn't gain all the weight back but it was still there. so was feeling a little bad about myself. i was skinny before long time ago (3-4 year ago) and i just started eating and eating. i hated my FAT THIGHS!!!! i wanted to start the new year 2005 looking fabulous so i was determined to go through a 30-40 day water fast. i wasn't sure how i was going to feel at 30+ days so i left that open.

it's my 43rd day of Water Fasting and i LOST 54# can you believe it??? didn't think it would be possible but here i am giddy as hell. i used to step on the scale every morning but that stopped just because i saw the difference in the mirror and slipping into my jeans. i have to buy a smaller size jean soon. YES!!!! it's a cramp in my budget but with all the money that i saved by not eating anything i think i can afford a pair or two.

the first week was by far the hardest. i would have about 3 sips a day of apple juice and i stopped that by week 2. cravings stops. the hunger pains will stop. the thick film on your tongue will go away and skin is looking great!!! i haven't had a pimple in forever!!! and i'm not talking about big whiteheads. i never really got those. those tiny pimples on your forehead. my forehead is clean and smooth that you could eat off it!!! LOL i'm getting compliments galore which is a little embarrassing especially during the thanksgiving dinner. i did eat a little at the dinner table. we had a bunch of family coming in and i didn't want to tell them about my fast. i get loads of bad vibe when i talk about it. i just said i exercise which is a BIG lie. i did have turkey and mashed potatoes. i won't lie i was looking forward to that all week. LOL it was soooo DELICIOUS!!! i did end up getting a huge stomache ache and i felt like hell afterwards cause i feeling noxious.

i know some might ask a few questions to i thought i would post some replies before that happens.

1. i don't exercise at all unless you count vaccumming and taking a shower. i hate exercising with a passion.
2. i drink about half a gallon of water a day. i've read that some do distilled water. i'm a cheap-o so i'm just drinking sparkletts that we get delievered here. i also drink a little bit of tap water too.
3. as i mentioned before i did take 3 sips of apple juice a day at the first week. after that i was faithful to my fast. although i did take bite out of a meatball once after day 10. i was tempted to just eat the spagetti but i resisted. hoopefully you are stronger than i am but if you do manage to eat something don't destroy all your work and gobble everything up. just step back drink that WATER!!!
4. i haven't done a Colon Cleanse or flushes of any sort. i did end up going to the bathroom that 1st and 2nd day and then again at 10 days or 11 days. i can't remember.
5. i do look leaner. i don't have saggy skin. thank goodness. i was worried about that. my skin is very supple like a teenager. LOL it's weird everyone will notice my weight loss but then they will started commenting and look at my eyes. then start to say oh my god your face is radiant. i got that lots of times. that i had this glow. i also thought i was pregnant!!! LOL!!!i attribute the glow to my happiness. i was feeling great about the loss and to see it in the mirror is the best thing.
6. i did feel like i had no energy that first week but will change. it's weird i thought i was going to sleep all the time doing this fast but i'm really energetic now.

i wish all you luck and happiness that i'm experiencing right now. i don't know how long i plan to do this but i will tell you that i'm having chicken broth tonight. it's my reward. HAPPY SLIMMING to you all!!!!

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