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Re: Dysphdrotic Eczema
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Dysphdrotic Eczema


Dyshidrotic eczema describes an eczema or dermatitis (skin inflammation) that occurs on the palms of the hands or the soles of the feet. The proper name in front of the word eczema does not change the facts regarding the eczema. The proper name describes the location and type of inflammation. It is still eczema; and therefore, still signals an unhealthy immunity due to toxic overload.

Something triggered your eczema flareup. In other words, there was a cause to the effect of the dyshidrotic eczema. Until that cause is addressed, healing or a cure will not be achieved. This is the reason that the medication that you have been prescribed and the even harsher medication that is being proposed don't bring true results. They are symptom suppressors; which means they shut down the symptom (the body's warning signal for help) by covering it up or by cutting the symptom's transmittors off. This does not address the cause (the reason for the symptom manifestation). Suppressing the symptom only lasts as long as the medication is applied. Once you take that cover off (cease that medication), the symptom resurfaces. Prednisone is one of the most potent steroids and cannot be used for long periods of time. The side effects of this medication make me cringe. I know first-hand the effects of this medication due to my mother's experiences with it. It is not a cure for eczema as your doctor will tell you; therefore why go to such drastic extremes when you can address the cause of the dyshidrotic eczema naturally. Thus, by addressing the cause of the eczema, you can truly cure the eczema.

If your doctors have not addressed your immune health, the main reason for your dyshidrotic eczema, then they have done you a disservice. Your body is messaging to you that your immune health is in jeapordy. It is being overwhelmed by toxins; and therefore, you need to rid your body of those toxins and restore your immune health. Your immune system is out of balance. In order to function properly, it needs a good balance of the right vitamins, minerals, and protein. You can restore a healthy balance to your immune system by what you eat (the proper nutrition). The job of the immune system is to fight off the harmful bacteria, viruses, fungus, toxins, allergens, or irritants that affect the body. The eczema flareup that you're experiencing is evidencing to you that your immune system needs help in the fight. Suppressing the immune system is not the answer. That simply makes you even more vulnerable to infection or toxic overload. Restoring a healthy balance to the immune system is the answer. Once you restore the balance to the immune system, the body can begin to heal. The cure for eczema is a healthy (balanced) immune system.

You can restore the balance to your immune system by applying the proper nutrition for immune health, along with the application of a good inner cleanse/detox to rid your system (body) of the toxins that are overwhelming it. It is only when you address the toxins that are overwhelming your body and address restoration of your immune health through good nutrition that you will receive your true healing and rid your body of the itchy nightmare. For me to suggest creams or lotions for relief of the itch and not to address the reason behind the itch, would include me in the same disservice towards your health that has already been given you. Nonetheless, I will make some suggestions for that relief. However, I do hope that you will take very serious the need to address your immune health and elimination of the toxins as well.

The specific location of the eczema on your left foot (as well as on the right) speaks volumes. The middle of your foot indicates meridian points for the liver, kidney, colon, stomach, and intestines. Location of your breakout in this specific area of the foot would definitely signal the need for an internal cleanse or detox of the liver, colon, or kidneys. Because your doctor has diagnosed you with the dyshidrotic eczema and not the more common athletes foot diagnosis, I'm making the assumption that the breakout is more along this area. I would like to know from you where the specific origin of the breakout on your foot took place.

What I suggest is a bath crystal soak by Burt's Bees. You can get a sample pack of the bath crystals at Whole Foods market. I would also incorporate the Burt's Bees vitamin E bath oil with that foot soak. In addition, chamomile tea will help to relieve your body of the itch (if you aren't allergic). You can drink the tea before bedtime for itch relief. And, you can also add chamomile to your foot soak as well.

I would definitely like to hear back from you regarding the specific location of the breakout on your foot; along with an account from you regarding any noticeable change that may have triggered that reaction a year ago.


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