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From Mike
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Published: 19 years ago
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From Mike

Well, I hate to tell you this, but I'm having the same experience you guys are. Boring, difficult to stick with, time intensive to prepare the recipes. I think Fuhrman has a wife who's dedicated to the diet and probably spends tons of time in the kitchen making more satifying meals. My wife works, and the best I can do is Fruit smoothies, salads, cooked veggies, etc. But it's gets boring and is not fully satisfying to me, so I eat other things too.
The list of negative calorie foods are all the foods listed in Fuhrman's book under unlimited. But I'm just sick of them. I don't know how others make it work. The Science is there and it's clear. I don't even think I have the energy to make up the cabbage soup.
1. Were you very hungry on it hopinso?
2. Did you have the energy loss you had on MC?
I've got to do something, and although I've practiced it in the past, for some reason I'm having difficulty now--I'm tired of the battle.
Negative calorie eating is just like any diet. You take in less calories because of the bulk, but you're still hungry. But I'll wait to hear from hopinso about the cabbage soup diet. Maybe that will work for me.
I still would like to suggest to everyone that you can beat the fatigue with desiccated liver and fish oil. I had my desiccated liver yesterday and then swam with a kick board and fins 20 50-yard laps with no rest, and remember I'm an overweight, out of shape, soon to be 59 year old. You cannot spend your money a better way on any supplement as far as I'm concerned. Links are all over my past messages. Try one bottle of this stuff--you'll be amazed and will not believe the natural surge of energy. No matter what diet or type of fast (except water only) I always continue with the liver. If I stop it for a Master-Cleanse or any kind of protocol, I feel it within a few days. Likewise when I start taking it again, within a few days I get a surge of energy and endurance that is amazing. Read some of the testimonials on the sites I've listed.
Be interested to hear more on the cabbage diet. I just sent away for the Weight Challenge, free pamphlet by Pat Robertson. NO products he's selling.
Actually, I still like the Bragg book. He doesn't rule out any food. Goes for the two meal a day plan. Lots of exercise, lots of fruit, no-no on the grain unless you're doing heavy labor. I'm still searching to figure out my own plan. I did lose over 20 pounds only diet only. This is how I did it. I counted calories.
The formula is simple.
Target weight (mine)= 175
amount of calories allowed daily to reach and maintain that weight = sedentary 13 per pound. Active=14. Working out, athletic=15. So 14X175=2450 calories a day. Actually at the time I wasn't active at all so used the 13X175=2275 or about 2300. I tried and did eat well most of the time, but if I blew it for a whole day, I still tried to stay within the limit.
The trick is to get a small notebook. List all the food you eat, then the calories. Then whenever you eat, you list the food and calories and keep a running total. Often I'd end up at the end of the day with 2-400 calories left, and I'd snack on WHATEVER I WANTED. I lost weight the easiest this way. I''m convincing myself to get back into it again. This really is a math thing. You gotta burn more than you eat, and there is no simple way unless you're the type of person who just does it easily. That doesn't sound like most of us here.
Yep, I'm digging out my little note book. I'll eat very good at work all day, eat WHATEVER my wife cooks for dinner, and she does pretty good, but limit myself when we have the stuff I love and I'm tempted to load it with ketchup (Fried potatoes). It really works to look at the serving size, use a smaller portion of the food and condiment, but you get some.
Hey, don't forget your liver. I'd suggest the tabs to begin with, and I'm also a huge believer in a tsp or more a day of molecularly distilled fish oil.
The liver tabs are very big, but coated. Take six a day of the 40 grain. Buy only a pound of the powder, and see if you can take it. Pineapple juice is the best. I just buy Doles 100% juice. But remember to add the juice and liver calories into your daily quota.
Well, I'll be interested to hear your take on all this stuff. I see the board is as always, filled with inexperienced fasters doing 20-40 day fasts and crashing. I fasted two meals yesterday, then took my liver drink, did the swimming, wasn't too hungry in the evening finally ate a few things, melon, etc. But blew it late with two cheese sandwiches. But still I was down on the scale for the day. It's now about 2 PM and I haven't had anything to eat yet. Grabbing my little tablet to start up again.

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