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Issue 176: Questionnaire Surveys and Alternative Medicine
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Published: 14 years ago

Issue 176: Questionnaire Surveys and Alternative Medicine

Issue 176:
Questionnaire Surveys and Alternative Medicine

Alternative therapies are used by over 85% of people today, but what do we really know about those therapies?

We know one thing for sure: There is no solid research documenting risks or benefits for most of them!

Why is there no solid research?  Because those who are able to do such research (so far) have not been interested. Very little research money is used on researching any serious alternative therapy.  So far, most research money was wasted on testing some useless pills or some low doses of artificial vitamins, while no money was ever used on researching real powerful therapies like specific diets, inner body cleansing, strong herbal tinctures, sauna, etc.

Look at a liver flush. What do we really know about liver flushing (other then our personal experience)?  How many studies have been published? How about colonics?  Water enema? Coffee enema?  How many studies have been published about the effects of colonic irrigation on human health? Zero Zip Nada Nix Null.
Master cleanser?   Go to PubMed and tell me what can you find about the Master Cleanser? Null articles.
How about the effect of amalgam replacement on health in patients with autoimmunity?  There is one single study involving 35 people. Would you consider it to be a solid research when it is based on 35 patients? I would not.

There is, of course, a problem with researching powerful alternative therapies.  It can not be controlled with placebo.   Without placebo control, we don't know for sure how effective therapy is. We don't know where placebo "ends" and where therapy "continues".  What would be a placebo for a liver flush?  Ever heard about a placebo for amalgam replacement? Placebo for an enema?  Placebo for a tooth extraction?  Placebo for a salt water flush?  Acupressure? Massage? Hot bath? Sauna? Hyperthermia? Sweat lodge? Far infrared sauna? No, therapies that really work can not be controlled by placebo.  There is, simply no such a thing as a placebo for swimming in the ocean. You are either swimming in the ocean, and tasting salt, or you are not.

But, there is one way we together can change this poor situation that exists today. Beside collecting personal stories and testimonials inside CureZone forums, we can put some energy into designing questionnaire surveys that will help us find out more about alternative therapies.  To break the ice, I have composed a Liver Flush Questionnaire Survey. This is the first questionnaire I created, so do not expect too much.  My 10th questionnaire will certainly be much better.

If you are interested in creating questionnaire surveys, you can present your ideas inside the Survey forum. This forum will be used for any exchange of ideas.  The first surveys that will be created are: Effects of Amalgam Replacement, Vaccination Survey, Master Cleanse Survey, Colonics Survey, Enema Survey, Parasites Cleanse Survey,  Raw Food Diet survey, ....

The list of potential survey subjects is endless. Questionnaire surveys could also be created to find out more about use of a specific products widely used by CureZone members. There is also a possibility to create a simple 1 or 2 question surveys. Those polls can be created in a few minutes and can be quickly answered.

If you have any personal experience with Liver Flushing, you should invest 10 - 15 min of your time and participate in this survey. All CureZone surveys are 100% anonymous.  Nobody can find out what options you have selected.  But, in the same time, all anonymized results are fully available to anyone.

To see liver flush survey results. click here.  To learn how to filter detail statistics, click here.

Here are just some of the statistics available today:

The most common minor risks during liver flush

  • 37% suffered sore anus
  • 31% suffered nausea on some of the flushes
  • 16% suffered Liver Pain
  • 12% suffered Mood swings

Any Cures?

  • 33% reported curing abdominal pain
  • 30% reported curing acid reflux
  • 8% reported curing acne
  • 10% reported curing Food Intolerance
  • 50% reported curing Gallstones Attacks

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