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Issue 175: Brain Cancer, Seizures, Thimerosal, Autism, Alzheimer, Candida, Raw, Lyme, Cholesterol, GERD, Acne, Relationships, Vitamin C, Prostate Cancer ...

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Published: 14 years ago

Issue 175: Brain Cancer, Seizures, Thimerosal, Autism, Alzheimer, Candida, Raw, Lyme, Cholesterol, GERD, Acne, Relationships, Vitamin C, Prostate Cancer ...

Issue 175:
Brain Cancer, Seizures, Thimerosal, Autism, Alzheimer, Candida, Raw, Lyme, Cholesterol, GERD, Acne, Relationships, Vitamin C, Prostate Cancer ...

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Terminal brain cancer
My son was diagnosed in 1991, at the age of thirteen with terminal brain cancer and given only 3 months to live. They wanted to do chemo, however, it would not break the brain blood barrier. Radiation would have left him totally incapacitated. I told them no on both counts. I decided to take him to Mexico for alternative therapy. He received laetrile, immune-augmentive therapy, and various other natural treatments. Within 6 months his tumor had shown signs of ...

Grandson on the Ketogenic diet, seizure free by Hallie
He went seizure free in the hospital the day after he started the diet.  It was a miracle for us. He can talk again and is doing very well.
Our Nuero had mentioned either the keto diet or surgery to try.  Thank God the diet did the trick so he didn't have to have any surgery. He has been on the diet 2 years in May.

Cancer case reports of benefit from vitamin C
Three case reports of benefit from intravenous use of high-dose vitamin C for cancer are being promoted here as a sign that perhaps a reassessment of the long-discredited approach is in order.

Mercury Containing Preservative Alters Immune Function
Thimerosal, a mercury-containing organic no longer used as a preservative in many pediatric vaccines, can disrupt certain antigen presenting cells and may affect the immune response to external factors, reported investigators here.
The finding suggested that thimerosal exposure could cause dendritic cells to activate "aberrant and harmful immune responses," according to Isaac N. Pessah, Ph.D., and colleagues of the University of California at Davis. They reported the research online in Environmental Health Perspectives.

My grandson Davin did not make it past his 4th month
One week after his 4th month he died. At the time I did know some things and I was passing it on to my daughter but the Doctors convinced her to vaccinate the child.

Flu Shots Increase Chances of Alzheimer's
Hugh Fudenberg, MD, an immunogeneticist and biologist with nearly 850 papers published in peer review journals, has reported that if an individual had five consecutive flu shots between 1970 and 1980 (the years studied), his/her chances of getting Alzheimer's Disease is ten times higher than if they had zero, one, or two shots. [vii]

Study links vaccines containing mercury with autism
A 1948 article in the journal Pediatrics opens with, "Inflammatory reactions involving various parts of the nervous system following injections or various sera or vaccines have long been known". In that paper they discuss 15 instances in children at Boston Children's Hospital that developed "acute cerebral symptoms within a period of hours after administration of pertussis vaccine."

My cholesterol was 200 now it's 119 by happydog

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GERD, Acid Reflux: I am off the pills
I suffered from really bad stomach acid and my doctor just kept giving me pills to inhibit the production of so much acid. No matter what I ate it was there and very uncomfortable. Now, I am off the pills and have not had so much as a twinge of acid since the flush. I experimented and ate foods I knew were severe but nothing, no acid.

I began my journey in cleansing and flushing as a skeptic.
However I now believe they can be an important part of an individual's journey towards health.
I have felt significantly better after each flush, especially in terms of alertness AND my ability to focus on a task.

My symptoms have all gone or almost gone and I feel great
Candida symptoms started 15 years ago. I guess I originally got it from antibiotics, which I was on for virtually 2 years for tonsillitis. Eventually they took out my tonsils. For 15 years I have slowly been getting more and more frequent Candida symptoms: thrush, cystitis, tinea, skin rashes, white tongue, acne, exhaustion, depression, anxiety, food sensitivities, although curiously little abdominal or bowel upsets. I self diagnosed and didn't even bother with my doctor who hadn't even considered all my problems were related. I threw myself head first into the Candida diet and started on threelac. I had massive die-off reactions and spent months feeling even worse than before I started.

Acne clearing up!!! by oneday
My acne is clearing up like nothing else. Honestly, at this rate... I think I'll have totally clear, unblemished, even-toned skin by the end of this week. The last time I was totally clear was back in 7th grade.

In relationships, it's not good to hit people by Autumn
In my opinion no Other Woman is worth fighting over ever. We womenfolk have better things to do, and if you show up and she is there, you can say "Oops, sorry wrong house" and leave with your head high. Also if you plan to visit anyone at midnight it could be useful to telephone first especially if you are concerned about giving him enough time to study.

My wife had bile duct cancer the second time she had cancer
I just want to tell the story of how my wife was cured from cancer twice.  My wife had 16 tumors throughout her body, in her intestines, liver, and breast. All the doctors said there was nothing they could do and that she had 6-12 months. That was 3 years ago. My wife found a new experimental chemo treatment that "had a 80% cure rate".

Lyme disease - testimonial by desjar
"I just wanted to let anyone out there with Lyme disease know that I'm being healed of Lyme disease with urine. I didn't expect to be recovering this quickly. I've only been doing urine therapy for a little over a week. The muscle pain and arthritis that was KILLING me is now easing up considerably!! Although I have been improving with natural supplements, nothing has helped me this drastically ever! I thought I was going to die with this, now I know I won't!

My experience with Torrie and Dr Morales by happydog
I had 9 Amalgams and a bad crown that needed to come out. I had been reading the bikerchicks website with great interest but was afraid to go that far (I'm in Florida.) I thought I'd rather spend a little more money and go with a local dentist.
I found a local holistic, metal-free dentist and went for an appointment with him. He told me that 4 of my amalgams were so large that they would need to be crowned instead of refilled. Also, my crowned tooth looked on the X-ray to be dying so he could either do a root canal or pull it and put in a bridge. I knew I didn't want a root canal (and was surprised that a holistic dentist would even do it) but wasn't happy to think that two perfectly good molars would be ground down for a bridge either. He finally gave me a total cost of $10,000 which included around $3,000 for the bridge.  I had several misgivings about this dental office, from the whiter-than-white teeth on their too-large, perfect smiles, all the way up to the price which was way more than I could pay.  I began emailing Torrie for more information and finally she set up an appointment with her dentist, Dr Morales, in Mexico.

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Parents sue after son buys antidepressants, commits suicide ( )
The parents of a teenage debate champion who killed himself after taking a generic version of Prozac he secretly bought over the Internet have sued the Web site's operators, the doctor who wrote the prescription, and the pharmacy that mailed the pills.

Bananas and your health
According to a recent survey undertaken by MIND amongst people suffering from depression, many felt much better after eating a banana. This is because bananas contain tryptophan, a type of protein that the body converts into serotonin, known to make you relax, improve your mood and generally make you feel happier.

Hot Chili Peppers for Prostate Cancer?
Capsaicin, the component that gives jalapeno peppers their heat, may also kill prostate cancer cells, a new study suggests.

Some suggestions for getting a good night's sleep. by Owen

I was on Accutane for 5 months during grad school back in 1995
During the time I was on it, my skin was very very dry. I also developed a bad case of chronic iritis, although my father also had this at my age so there is a definite genetic factor. I also developed severe pain in my joints. I had to wake up at 4am so I could take 3 Ibuprofen 800s with a banana and a large glass of water. If I didn't do this, then I would have to CRAWL to the bathroom for a hot shower when it was time to get up.

Has anyone ever gotten there medical records?
Those records were filled with half truths and down right lie's. Again I couldnt believe what i was reading!'

Need Less Sleep after flush by imabeliever

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