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Re: Marie's Story of Mercury Poisoning
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Published: 20 years ago
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Re: Marie's Story of Mercury Poisoning

I am a 30 year old triathlete, well, was a triathlete up until this past year. My diet constisted of eating tons of veggies, lean meats and lots of TUNA, bulk sashimi and canned. I was diagnosed with Mercury poisoning after about 9 months of seeing just about every doctor under the sun from Neuro dr.'s, rheumotologists, internal med guys, "head doctors", accupressure and accupuncturists. No dr's., could find a thing wrong with me, I've had brain scans, MRI's, as much blood and urine work as humanly possible and the result was that I either had Myositis, (a muscle disease where your immune system attacks your muscle skeletal system causing inflammation of the muscles and the joints and eventually leads to death in worst case scenario) or was "Imaging" all these symptoms even though the urine and blood were showing an issue. From participating in triathlons to not being able to walk, think straight, or become so lifeless and living in a "void" in the matter of one hour was the scariest feeling I'd ever been involved in.

My symptoms:

Not being able to exercise, head aches, dizziness, fainting, bone pain, chronic fatigue, muscle burning and necrosis, weakness, constant metallic taste in the mouth, sinuses and throat, cloudy thoughts, night sweats, jaw pain, teeth feeling cold, radio waves in my head, buzzing, Arthritis in the fingers, wrists, feet and ankles, ringing in the ears, face numbness, bowel issues, prostate and bladder problems (prostititis and bladder infections), depression, eye pain, thoughts of dying, not able to love my wife (No sex drive) every one around me thinking I am crazy and much much more. It also became evident that I was getting progressively worse. I was in bad shape, my diet didn't change.

So, with that I was prescribed prednisone on several occassions only to be taken off due to it making the burning at the core of my body and muscles and Depression 10 times worse. Two different Dr's prescribed antidepressants.

One late night, which became routine, I watched Date Line, a piece on a woman (Let's call her Jane) whom got sick, extremely sick, not able to walk and pretty much described all the symptoms I was facing. She was eventually diagnosed with Mercury poisoning. Jane's battle was about as long as mine, saw different Dr's (Actually the same Dr's as I had seen and was diagnosed with the same disease (Myositis) or depression). When there's noting else to cling to you start thinking that this could be it, this is the key to the mystery as to why I feel like "Death". I spoke with my wife concerning the program I had watched. (This is scary), it turns out Jane lives across the street from me, right across the street. I got off the phone with my wife and made a beeline straight to Jane's house. I never met Jane before, I saw her once or twice but never made the effort to introduce myself. I knocked on Jane's door, she opened it and the mystery unfolded.

I introduced myself, explained that I had watched Date line and that my wife informed me of who she was. I was clear about not being a reporter, I was interested in her health because I was feeling as she had been. Jane and I spoke for about an hour. I felt as though I was looking in a mirror, seeing my reflection in Jane's face, feeling as though we were on the same physical scape. It's amazing to think this person lives across the street from me, shared the same fate as I had, seen the same dr's (Rheumotologist, neuro Dr, and internal med guy), ate the same type diet and was diagnosed with Myositis and a "Mental issue of depression". The only difference is that Jane had two miscarriages. Jane gave me a name of the Dr. whom saved her life, gave her the diagnosis Jane needed to hear. After my visit with Jane I went home and made the second most important choice of my life (Asking my wife to marry me was the 1st). I called Dr. Jane Hightower M.D. San Francisco, Ca.

In the interum I had my analgams removed (I had 2 cavaties only) and asked my Internal Med Dr. to have me tested for heavy metals test. There was a battle to have that done because his diagnosis "depression" would be compromised. After taking certain measures he signed the slip and the test was performed (Blood and hair). Both tests were negative, blood was negative and hair was negative but a bit on the high side of the normal range. After 9 months of not eating fish, installing a H2O filter system that would normally be the case. I contacted Dr. Hightower and scheduled an appointment. I needed an honest professional opinion, one which was given after all the facts, records and results were looked into...

My visit with Dr. Hightower was incredible. She is an amazing woman and Dr. This was the 1st time in 9 months I felt confident in a Dr's ability to treat me. She provided detailed information, LISTENED to what I had to say and didn't discount how I felt. What more can you ask for in a Dr.??? She reviewed my history, asked what my diet was and did rough calculations as to the amount of tuna I had been eating, for how long and came up with a number which was about 5 times higher than the average allowable mercury levels per the EPA regulations... I was in shock, I would never have thought that attempting to eat healthy could kill me.

I've been under the guidance of Dr. Hightower for about 4 months now, feel a million times better with no celation drugs. I don't eat any seafood, and am on a more organic diet. My progress is positive, I still feel poor on some days, a little tired, teeth / mouth still feel sort of metallic at times and still have the buzzing and static feeling in my head but on average I feel much better. In one year of being sick I actually feel the "VOID" is going away.

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