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Issue 107: Acne Cure & Gallstones Cure

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Published: 16 years ago

Issue 107: Acne Cure & Gallstones Cure

Acne Cure & Gallstones Cure

Acne Cure & Gallstones Cure

Educating Instead of Medicating
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Sept 14 2003

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PMS, Panic attacks, cleansing: (repeating the story - URL didn't work in the previous newsletter)† Once the kidneys cleared my PMS and panic attacks disappeared. †I hadn't gone specifically for that but they are related to the kidneys and with the acupuncture and the cleanse it just happened. †Western medicine would have put me on strong anti-depressants and sent me to a shrink.† Read the story

Acne: I don't know if this will help you guys, but I've recently made a big connection with what foods keep my acne clear. †I went raw for like a week one time. †My acne totally cleared. †I got off raw, and it came back. Read the story

The Rosacea Cure: A Natural Approach: In a sense, this is the magic bullet that people have been searching for, although not in the form of a single pill, ointment, or skin machine. This cure is based on removing the cause and not the symptom. As long as people fail to treat the cause, the symptoms will continue to exist. According to East Indian Ayurvedic medicine and Chinese medicine, rosacea is caused by accumulated heat and toxins inside the body. Read the story

Hair analysis tests: I would not so heavily rely on hair analysis tests, since they have about the same inaccuracy rates as blood analysis, that is, 30-50%. Most people are not reading the studies in the Medical Journals, nor does the media report such flaws in the system, for reasons I would rather not discuss here.

Also, the so "real" looking numbers on the printed hair analyis reports may not accruately reflect the true the workings of the body. Read the story

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A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Rheumatoid arthritis and Osteo arthrosis: IĻve been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and osteo arthrosis for about 20 years. Finally, I managed to cure myself through a low acid-diet. Read the story

Calcified Gallstones: The most striking example in my practice was a woman who was diagnosed with having a completely packed gallbladder filled with mostly calcified stones. The doctors threatened her that she would not survive if she didn't remove her gallbladder. †Within 12 liver cleanses she passed all stones, and her gallbladder scan showed no more stones and fully recovered.† Read the story

Diet: I believe the question whether you should or should not follow a vegetarian diet is one you need to answer yourself.† Follow your instincts, your feelings, instead your head.† You can justify every theory that exists and provide it with perfect arguments and proof.† Yet, the question still remains, is it suitable for you and for what your purpose is here on Earth, or for the lessons of growth and understanding the larger picture of things?† Read the story

My story: I began different forms of liver cleansing from age 12, about 37 years ago, but unsuccessfully though. I did my first successful liver flushes in the mid nineties, after I suffered a total of 40 gallbladder attacks. The results were striking, for I was able to do get three times as much work done without getting fatigued.† The energy my body had to come up with to deal with the congestion in my liver and GB, was suddenly available for other things. † Read the story

Gallstones: In all my years of working with the liver cleanse I have had noone who reportedly needed an operation to remove a trapped gallstone. On the other hand, numerous people who were diagnosed with having extra large gallstones did the liver cleanses and they came out without pain or significant discomfort. Read the story

Acne Cure: In the last 4 days of fasting (doing the master cleanse, and the last 4 months of parasite, liver and bowel cleansing) I can say this: get rid of all the gunk INSIDE your body and stop putting more stuff on your skin!!! Your skin is an organ of detoxification when your liver and bowels are no longer functioning properly. Acne is a heavy duty major sign you need to clean out your internal organs!!!† Read the story

Chronic Acne: I just thought I'd post and say that I just did my second flush and my results were hundreds of stones. †There were so many I had to flush twice. †Again, I feel better and immediately the chronic acne on my back and face cleared up. †That's number two. Story is here

Blood Type Diet: The bentonite clay and the cleanses apart, what seems to have worked wonders for me is: following the food for my blood type. I am O+ and I am currently religiously following the list and I see awesome results. Story is here

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