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Re: Marie's Story of Mercury Poisoning
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Marie Flowers Views: 17,360
Published: 20 years ago
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Re: Marie's Story of Mercury Poisoning

Did you read my website at A lot of your symptoms sound like heavy metal poisoning. I have a list of symptoms on my website.

Also if you lived or worked near aluminum, you could also have aluminum poisoning. When aluminum or another metal combines with mercury the effects are much worse to the brain, according to mercury expert Dr. Boyd Haley.

Yes, mercury that is placed or removed during a pregnancy can cross the placenta and go into the child's brain and cause autism or other brain damage. There is a lawsuit in TX now of a mom who had mercury fillings during her pregnancy and the child is autistic.

You may call me if you like and we can talk. You need to find an ACAM doctor who understands mercury toxicity. Look for one at He can do a heavy metals test on you.

Do not have mercury fillings removed until you read my website and get a referral to a safe biological dentist from DAMS or IAOMT. All this information is on my website. Then you will have to check out the dentist to make sure he is safe.

If you will tell me your city and state I can maybe hook you up with someone to help you in your area that is a coordinator for DAMS. My phone number is on my website. DAMS phone number is 1-800-311-6265. Leo Cashman of DAMS can also tell you if there is a coordinator for DAMS in your state.

Dentists can do so many horrible things to hurt you. And they will keep on doing them until they are stopped. I attended Congressional hearings on mercury dental fillings in May. The testimonies are on my website. The lying spokesman for the American Dental Association continues to say that "silver" fillings are safe.

Mercury and heavy metal exposure causes many chronic conditions since mercury travels throughout the entire body. You will not find answers for this from regular doctors. They don't have a clue. I went to 6 doctors in my hometown (two of which were alternative doctors) and they offered me a diagnosis of MS, an antidepressant, and advice to see a psychiatrist.

That is why you have to do your own research and seek a competent alternative physician. They are also hard to find, but they are around. Maybe DAMS or the state coordinator can give you a referral to a physician also.

Forget about insurance paying very much for any good dental work. Most policies don't pay much anyway. My policy didn't pay for crowns and if you have large Amalgams that are removed you will probably need crowns.

A good little word of advice: It is much cheaper to pay out of pocket and have it done safely than to get poisoned and have to pay out of pocket for years to come trying get well.

I have paid for a complete dental revision ($5000+), DMSA to remove mercury (I pay $120+ each month), hormones ($45)to help me think now that mercury has mesed up my memory, supplements that no insurance pays for, health club membership ($49 mo)to use the sauna to sweat the mercury out of my body. Trips to the biological dentist 400 miles away one way, trips to the alternative doctor 150 miles away one way, heavy metals test ($149 x 2)that the insurance paid practically nothing on, and the pain and the suffering and the list goes on and on. I have paid for books so that I could do research. Some people can't afford the dental work nor the detoxification and just stay poisoned. I am still gettting mercury out of my brain almost two year after I was poisoned.

Marie Flowers
DAMS coordinator in VA


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