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Issue 96: War on Quackery

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Published: 16 years ago

Issue 96: War on Quackery

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War on Quackery

Arkansas Attorney Generals Attack Herbal Healer   Please help if you can...Urgent Bulletin from Herbal Healer Academy...  

Just recently, Arkansas Attorney Generals office issued a very surprising petition for Injunction against all defendants in this lawsuit. Court date on this is next Wednesday April 30th. 

YOUR RIGHT TO MEDICAL PRIVACY...WRONG!   If you're a U.S. citizen, as of today you now have a medical identification number.
Some will tell you that your new ID number helps protect your privacy. And while to some extent it does, the protections are largely superficial. The disturbing truth is that your medical privacy is now beyond your control.

Think for yourself!!!   People are so timid and full of fear, they don't believe in themselves at all, they don't believe THEY THEMSELVES can deal with (and hopefully cure) whatever sickness they have.  They put all their trust in the dr., and very little in ANYTHING ELSE!  It's because they've been taught, from the time they can think, to do this.

Great Letter Of Rebuttal  I want to thank you for mentioning me in your column "Scam Alert" in the January 2003 issue of the AARP Bulletin, page 18. Obviously my message of Natural Healing is having a major impact throughout the country if an organization the size of AARP, 30 million members, feels the need to attack me.

Yes, I am an orthodox medical doctor who was for 15 years on the faculty of the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine, considered to be one of the three top medical schools in the country. As Associate Professor and Vice Chairman of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, I trained thousands of doctors.

In addition, as Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital, one of the premier trauma hospitals in the country, I ran the equivalent of a M.A.S.H. unit for many years. For the past 20-25 years, I have been invited to lecture to doctors at numerous University medical schools including Vanderbilt, Baylor, Cincinnati, Tufts, South Carolina, Iowa, USC, Minnesota and countless medical societies throughout the U.S. including the Massachusetts Medical Society, as well as other medical organizations around the world, including the Royal Society of Medicine in London.

Homeland Security Act - protecting American corporations from the parents!  The new Homeland Security Act is designed to protect Americans from terrorist attacks. But you may be comforted to find out that an additional provision was added to the act so that American corporations will also be protected from the parents of autistic children.

Before the age of two, most infants in America receive 18 vaccinations, and on average about 12 of them contain a preservative that's loaded with mercury. The evidence that mercury poisoning from those vaccines sometimes causes autism in otherwise healthy kids is so overwhelming that it's got plenty of people very scared. And no one is more scared than the executives at Eli Lilly, the drug giant that makes thimerosal, the mercury-based vaccine preservative.

The Diet of the Native Americans  The hunter-gatherers dinner is front page news these days. Drawing from the writings of Dr. Boyd Eaton1 and Professor Loren Cordain2, experts in the so-called Paleolithic diet, columnists and reporters are spreading the word about the health benefits of a diet rich in protein and high in fiber from a variety of plant foods. Its actually amusing to see what the modern food pundits come up with as examples of the Paleolithic Prescription.Jean Carper offers a Stone Age Salad of mixed greens, garbanzo beans, skinless chicken breast, walnuts and fresh herbs, mixed with a dressing made of orange juice, balsamic vinegar and canola oil.3 Elizabeth Somer suggests wholewheat waffles with fat-free cream cheese, coleslaw with nonfat dressing, grilled halibut with spinach, grilled tofu and vegetables over rice, nonfat milk, canned apricots and mineral water, along with prawns and clams. Her Stone Age food pyramid includes plenty of plant foods, extra lean meat and fish, nonfat milk products, and honey and eggs in small amounts.

FIRST FLUSH RESULTS!!!   by Miss Scarlet  DID IT!!!!!!!  I"M ALIVE!!!!!!!!
I felt NO pain or even any discomfort last night after the OO and LJ potion.  In fact, I didn't feel anything out of the ordinary.  I was almost disappointed since I was expecting to feel the rumbling of "marbles" in my liver area.  Nope.
Today so far I have passed well over 50 good sized green stones.  All different shades of green and sizes.   They smell horid.  Like --what I would imagine to be-- the smell of burnt rubber!   But probably more potent smelling. I cut one open and they are kinda ... *cut*

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