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Re: stinky face
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Published: 18 years ago
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Re: stinky face

Try that soap. But don't use bleach on your skin, bleach is too strong. I have problems with benzoyl peroxide even in 2.5% concentration.

With the cleansing I've done I've gotten about 40 ft of mucoidal plaque out (end to end). I never saved and measured it, I just estimated it's measure every time I got some out. And at least, at the very minimum - 1700 stones from my liver got out too. Over about 8 or 9 flushes. I did different variations, and I would have had more out sooner, but the first one I did was only with epsom salt/water, and the 1/2 olive oil and lemon juice before purging. Straight epsom tasted nasty but I toughed through it. If you do another, don't use only grapefruit juice/ Epsom Salt - every time I've only used grapefruit juice and epsom salt, I got crappy results. Do most water, and a little grapefruit juice if necessary for taste. Cleansing the bowels is first priority though. Stop eating meat again for that purpose. You're body will tell you what you need. If you find your addicted to something, like a grain - not good. You'll need something with similar nutrients to replace it.

For now, eat at least 50% raw food from now on.

I'm going to assume you did the ultimate cleanse word for word. If you did, your stomach may have hurt because you weren't used to having little bulk going into your body at all. So given space to finally move, your intestines started to push the undigested - stuck to the walls mucoidal plaque through. Or it could have been gas - you would be the first to know though.

My mom, when I got her to try a liver purge, she was nearly crying after going with no food for 3 hours after 2pm because she's unhealthy. Everyone knows that when we take our health for granted and lose it - we get punished by it. Addicted to certain things are a bad sign. Like everytime I see someone addicted to chocolate, it's because they have magnesium deficiency. Or one of the other salts that regulate nutrients.

When I had all the Acne I did, and when ever I didn't go poo 2-3 times every morning, I would always smell terrible even if there wasn't sweat there. Constapation/mucoidal plaque/toxins made me smell terrible all the time unless I got it out (I'm almost 19, 5'9" and 130 lbs by the way). If no one believes me, go eat a bunch of garbage; then smell your breath; then have fun going poo the next day - if you can (adding no supplements). Easier yet, go smell a fat person who isn't loaded on deodorant, colognes, or something to hide the scent. And if you can't smell them, it's most likely because you yourself are clogged. My mom can't smell a thing, whereas I can smell the alcohol and cigarettes on my dad 20ft away who just walked in the door after coming home from a bar. I can smell everythign times 100 compared to most people.

Are the light colored blotches on your skin itchy? or do they have any odd feeling compared to the normal skin around it? Again, when I had acne, even though it was red and not white - I always felt a digging/itchy feeling in the skin. Later on I learned I was full of parasites - I saw a ton in the toilet.

So I'm going to say that you have mucoidal plaque left, and you definently have parasites: Based on the information you gave me.

Your body is trying to tell you something, listen to it so you can get closer and understand. The truth will set you free.

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