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Re: Whats the answer damn it!!!
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Published: 18 years ago
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Re: Whats the answer damn it!!!

When I was 17.5 it was time to go back to school. I was a senior that year. I planned from the previous school year how I was going to get rid of it over the summer. Mainly by eating - but I didn't know much about food except what the typical american knows about how to use a microwave and boil water.

Since nothing worked and school was 1 day away. I 'dropped out' for a month and a half. I told my mom I wasn't going back unless I was clear. I had to cry in front of the school counselor to get the okay to stay out. I explained to her that I was going to fast.

And fast I did! :D

It was my first fast ever. Very dangerous one too. I ate only green vegetables and green foods for one month, but the first 2 weeks included some brown rice and some oats, EFA's, typical healthy stuff. At the last week of that month it was only green vegetable juice. Mind you, I never ate ANY vegetables AT ALL before this unless it was tomato sauce in pizza or potatoes of some form. So I had to force all this down wether I liked it or not. I actually thought they were pretty tasty after some time. I used Bentonite and psyllium shakes to get the mucoidal plaque out.

On this fast, I saw blank spots in vision, I slept 16 hours a day and crawled around the house (literally crawled), and when I was awake I was either laying down or resting on something. This was only for the last 2 weeks though. It would have been easier if I didn't exercise during that time :*( I was very big on exercise, but I was alays very sore, I wasn't listening to my body well enough - then I was practically forced to because I had to sleep so long everyday.

I had a at least 100 leech like parasites come out - I could see them in my crap. I had a few big white craps as well (candida albicans), it even dripped from my butt when I was leaving a normal crap. And I did 1 liver purge before I wen back to school. I had at least a thousand stones come out on the first one.

Too bad it didn't clear me, but I was much better than before. I had about 30% left of what I used to have. So I was then forced back into school after begging for homeschool, but luckily this year would be easy. I had 4 study halls of the 8 classes I had. So I slept half the day with ym head down so no one could see me.

So for the rest of the school year I read what I want (always something about how to get better skin or health). I'd read all day, everyday until I was satisfied or broken down yet again from not getting clear skin. I'd dream all the time about how 6 months from then I'd be perfect. Then when that time came and I was still the same or not what I expected, I'd make another dream and put some knowledge into action again. I'd spend weekends from school fasting, my spring and winter breaks fasting (I'd get mucoidal plaque out every time), and I'd also spend all the money I had saved up for a car or college on stuff to get rid of my health problems. The only relief I had was videogames. I'd put some knowledge into action and then I'd rest and play videogames. Mainly mmorpg's. To pass the time.

I never went out, I rarely go out right now, and all I do is search for something to get rid of the cause.

Right now the last cause for my poor health (which has gotten much better) is these 3 small amalgams. If you don't know what they can do - check out the dental toxicity/mercury Amalgams threads.

So to sum all this up, to get rid of what I had, I fasted, I liver purged, I eat raw food, I learned what the ingredients are in anything I ate or drank, what sources they come from, how they are manufactured, I read a lot of self help books, I read physics books, I read math books, I read history books, And most importantly, I put it all together in one compact ball so it can be bounced.

Right now, Acne wise, I only have red scars, and a few blackheads. Other health problems; cold hands/cold feet all the time, sometimes it's hard to think, dark under eyes, a little bit of baggy undereyes, a cyst in each nipple, and constant fatigue.

They have all gotten better, but to make myself perfect I need these Amalgams out, My health has gone down ever since they were put in. Right now I'm learning about how to manipulate speech to get a typical idiot dentist to do what I want instead of what they want. I know what's good for me, every time some stupid doctor has tried to tell me 'take this medicine or this mask and it will take away your problems' it has made me worse. I won't accept makeup.

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