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Re: Anyone tried Leo Kiesen "Your Last Acne Solution"? I'm doing it now! AMAZING!!

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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Anyone tried Leo Kiesen "Your Last Acne Solution"? I'm doing it now! AMAZING!!

So, I hear you want to know if "Your Last Acne Solution" by Leo Kiesen is any good (I purchased the e-book in July 2004 and I’m currently performing the liver cleans/re-build phase).
Well, to that I'd have to say no. It's not good, it's quite simply AMAZING!!! EXTRODINARY!!! ASTONISING!!! LIFE CHANGING!!! Forget lottery tickets, buy this!
No, I’m not going over the top. Allow me to explain why.

Firstly, having tried all the “conventional” methods to eliminate my acne, and with bitterly disappointing failure time after time, I knew it was time to change tack as I was clearly missing something. I stumbled across Leo’s website and within minutes of reading the intro page, I knew I was onto something good. This was so different to what I had heard before it simply HAD to work.
So, excitedly I paid my $48.50 and started reading. 7 months on all I can say is my world has changed so much, I wouldn’t have thought it possible before. And I’m not even half way through it yet, durationally speaking! However before you buy this book, let me advise you of the following:

This program is SERIOUS. It will take well over a year to complete (but you’ll see impressive results much sooner) It will cost you at least $250 in total for all the supplements, foods and equipment you will require (I have spent around £300 in total, but much of that was shipping costs as, living in the UK, I can’t get most of the stuff you need over here, but I can tell you for nothing, it’s worth more than ten times that for what it can do). Some of the processes and things you’ll have to eat/drink are just plain hellish. It’s going to take about a week just to read the whole book, and you’ll need to read it more than once. You’ll have to make big, and permanent changes to your diet and lifestyle, there is simply no way around it. Some of the principles and protocols will seem at least radical, at most just plain silly, but they work, they really work. You will have to dedicate a serious amount of time and willpower to see it through, but it will pay you back in more ways than you can currently understand, and as Leo says, if it’s that important to you, you’ll find a way. This book is the key, but you have to walk through the door.

Now for the good bits: When you buy this book, you’re not just buying an Acne treatment plan, you’re buying the instructions to a physical and mental re-birth. This book covers EVERYTHING, and then some! To be honest, there is far to much to even begin to explain it here, but I’ll give you the basics. Firstly, the book teaches you that Acne is not actually a problem with the skin its self, but a symptom, or “warning light” to internal problems, kind of like the boils from a fever or the “pocks” in chicken pocks. This is why topical treatment, however complex, can never actually “cure” acne. It doesn’t do anything to actually physically correct the internal problems that are causing you to be susceptible to acne. This program does, plus a whole lot more to revolutionise your health. The program works on the principle that two factors, when added together create acne. They are: Unbalanced hormones (why you get acne most during puberty, pregnancy, menstruation, excessive stress ect) and polluted blood and lymph (your body’s natural internal cleansing systems which would normally prevent acne from occurring become congested with toxins and other pollutants which leave your body tissue unable to cleans its self from within). These two things, but only when combined, will allow acne to occur. This is why it is possible to have oily skin but no acne, fairly dry skin and acne, poor overall health and no acne, and good overall health and acne.
Through dozens of phases of cleansing, detoxifying, optimising, re-building and restoring, this program eliminates one by one, all things amiss in your body and, although at times you feel very, very ill, at the end, gives you almost super-human fitness and resistance to illness. I’m 18 years old, male, 6ft, 13 stone and even I lost weight and put on muscle without any training of any kind! Not only that, but any training I do now, I get results three times quicker than I did before. And where I used to always be getting colds and coughs and minor bugs, I haven’t been Ill for months, even in winter!
I can assure you, if you follow this program through and maintain it correctly (Live blood analysis is soooo helpful for this, as the book explains) you can look forward to a considerably long and healthier life. You certainly won’t hit that “brick” wall at 40 and there’ll be no Alzheimer’s or Arthritis to worry about in your old age. In fact, according to some independant scientific research in the book, by maintaining optimized health at every level, it is possible to stop the aging process and live for ever!!! Obviously I can’t verify that but I’m certainly going to enjoy trying! :-)

So, in summary, BUY THIS BOOK NOW! EVEN IF YOU DON’T HAVE ACNE. It will revolutionise your understanding of the human body, health in general, the medical profession, the brain, environment, (poison is everywhere) food, nutrition and nature.
Also, if you get the bonus report on EFT and “instant rapport with anyone” (as I did, but I’m not sure if you still get that) it will change your understanding and relationships with people for ever!
I also recommend you buy the book “The Acne Cure” buy Dr Terry J. Dubrow, simply for a half-decent topical regime to control your acne until the results start to kick in. Skip the rest of the book, just use the regime on pages 53-62. It is not a “cure” as the title states, but it does give reasonable control until you start getting visible results from the program.

Sure, it will be hard, horrible and time consuming, and like me, you’ll probably want to give up time and time again. Don’t, just keep going, however unpleasant, unnecessary, stomach churning, far-fetched or just plain silly it seems at times, keep going.
If you aren’t prepared to make radical changes to your life, don’t bother, because this book is priceless if you use it, and worthless if you don’t. Set aside at least 1.5 years of your life for this and your life will change for ever in more ways than you can imagine. I honestly don’t know where I’d be, or even IF I’d be today if it weren’t for this book.

Buy it, there is no way in the in the universe you’ll regret it.

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