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Published: 16 years ago


I just started this experiment a couple of days ago. I got some fresh neem leaves from the internet. I actually have a neem tree at home, but didnt want to leave it bare by taking leaves off from it. Anyways, I took some leaves and put them in a little water, just enough to soak the leaves. I also tore the leaves by hand to make them into little bits and pieces. I then boiled it for a few minutes, till I could see the water bubbling. The neem leaves had released their potent nutrients into the water and the water looked a little greenish. I let it cool down till I could keep my finger in it. I then made a poultice of it and applied it over my cystic acne. Now, to make the poultice, I bought some gauze pad and roll to help keep the leaves and the solution in place through the night. I put the little bits of the boiled leaves on the pad and also poured the solution over the pads, then covered my forhead, cheeks, temple area (thats where my Acne is) with the pads. I tied the gauze rolls to keep the pads in place and went to sleep.. Sure some solution will drip down and make things messy, but I ignored the mess. Next morning when I woke up, the Acne had visibly subsided and later in the day, I could see it crusting and forming a flaky surface which would then peel off on it own!! I have now done this 2 nights in a row and I can see wonderful difference. I initially thought I would wait a week before pronouncing judgement, but I think its working!! Read up on Neem's skin healing properties elsewhere on the net. I also visited an Ayurveda practitioner and told him what I did and he asked me to continue with this practise. Ayurveda also recommends using neem in skin infection treatment. The packet of neem that I bought on the internet came with a booklet on Neem and its curative properties. There also it said that Neem acts wonders on skin diseases and infections including eczema, psoriasis, etc. While I always knew this, I didnt know the right way to apply the neem. I used to buy the dry neem powder and then make a paste of it and that hadnt helped much. I believe boiling the fresh leaves and making a poultice of it renders the neem more beneficial. And the leaves and the solution dont irritate the skin one bit. However, if you lick it, the solution is very bitter, obviously as neem is extremely bitter. Avoid getting it into the eyes as well. In the morning, simple remove the by now dried up pads along with the leaves which might be sticking to the skin. No need to wash the face, the leaves come off on their own. You can wash the face when you shower.
I have been trying to cure my Acne for so long - I have done the liver, cleanse, colon cleanse, diet changes, etc.. nothign works as remarkably as this neem leave poultice. My Ayurveda doctor also recommended me to only drink HOT water, avoid all cold drinks and foods, no salads, no fruits except dried figs, dates, pineapples, apricots, prunes and raisins.. Basically only dried fruits. He told me to consume 3 CUPS of black raisins per day. I have started doing all this. Also, he said tomatoes only cooked, cucumbers also only cooked... i.e. no raw foods. The idea is to keep the GI tract warm. Also told me to keep my apartment cold - at or below 65 degrees. Bear in ming, that I am also trying to gain weight (I lost a lot of weight on these crazy cleansing diet!!) So these recommendations have to do with dealing with both - acne and weight. But for those that are trying to just rid themselves of the acne, I thoroughly recommend the neem leave poultice and the raisins - you can also eat dried figs and prunes - they are extremely nourishing and also have a mild natural laxative effect. Also very high in iron and other minerals. Beware, avoid sulphured dried fruits. And absolutely no Sugar or sweetner. Also I have been told to have zero tea, coffee, ice cream, no herbs either. I shall continue this and will post again after a week or so!

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