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Re: I'm Dying...
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: I'm Dying...

Nothing more trying and embarrassing than normal appearances and one's face and body changing uncontrollably with acne.

First, go and see a very reputable dermatologist. Take internal Antibiotics for a short spell, enough to get the skin bacteria under control, and take a good formulation of probiotics which can repopulate the gut with "good bacteria"

Drink plenty of water, 8-12 glasses a day. Then if you are able, if the Acne looks as though it is deep and cystic, take a course of Accutane. This is generally administered over a number of months and you must have blood tests taken every so often to make sure that liver and kidney functions are OK and remain so. If you have other medical conditions such as asthma that is serious, you may not be able to avail yourself of this treatment and it of course poses a danger to an unborn child if one is female and gets pregnant in the process. The Accutane seems to "reset" hormone metabolism and cell surfaces so that they are not as reactive to inflammation.
After that a maintenance dose of Retin A plus proper cleansers and moisturizers can be very helpful.

Eat a whole foods diet and try to stay away from costly herbal and other approaches as there is a great deal of exploitation of those suffering with acne.

If you are female, use only water soluble makeups AFTER your skin has cleared and make sure you have a layer of whatever concentration benzoyl peroxide, common in a lot of Acne cleansers and lotions, your skin can stand without irritation.
Do not put your fingers to your face, ever, unless you are washing and rinsing and do not ever touch your fingers to the makeup bottle. Use squeeze bottles or sterile Q tips to remove a quantity of makeup and never return them to the bottle once they have touched your hands or face as they will then be carrying your skin bacteria. You can also use fading creams or lotions at night such as ones produced by Obagi dermatology to be mixed with Retin A as this will somewhat lighten up discolorations from the acne, which for some people last for over a year.

If you are left with any pock marks from the Acne infestations, you should see a plastic surgeon who can make use of appropriate techniques to derma abrade or fill low areas.

What is important is that you get the infection under control FIRST, then proceed to measures to keep it that way. Birth control pills in younger women may not be a good idea, but for some people this can even out the hormonal cycles that trigger acne repeatedly.

You can do the Liver Cleanses and flushes and all the rest, but as you know, there are people who eat junk food diets that have perfectly beautiful skin, so there may not be all that much wrong with your liver, only your skin cells, which may have a propensity to be sticky to certain forms of bacteria. If in your family there is a history of diabetes, it may be a good idea to cut way back on Sugar and on refined carbohydrates that can break down into Sugar quickly. Rely on whole high fiber foods, the probiotics and temporary help from good dermatologists who can also give you some highly effective post treatment topical Antibiotic gels to keep your skin safe.

Do not rely on long term Antibiotic internal treatments. These can be lifesaving, but are intended for only a few month's time.

Good luck! There are all sorts of acne treatment programs you can pursue once your skin is healed and on its way to staying that way, such as Provital, but these are only for treating the more surface forms of acne.

No one wants to be "ugly" and isnt it amazing that in this technologic day and age acne still poses a huge challenge and mystery? Beauty is in fact only skin deep, but a really beautiful person radiates that from within and it is nice not to have anything interfering with the radiance!

For most people by the time they get into their early to mid 20's the hormone fluctuations have evened out and so have the organ systems that depend on these.

Good luck, and be sure to post your treatment successes. Your spirits and self esteem will begin to soar and you will have a great deal more compassion for others once you have met this challenge!


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