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Issue 167: Brain Tumor, Thyroid Cancer, Depression, CFS, Psoriasis, Borderline Personality Disorder, Blood Pressure
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Published: 14 years ago

Issue 167: Brain Tumor, Thyroid Cancer, Depression, CFS, Psoriasis, Borderline Personality Disorder, Blood Pressure

Issue 167:
Brain Tumor, Thyroid Cancer, Depression, CFS, Psoriasis, Borderline Personality Disorder, Blood Pressure etc.

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Another check on the brain tumor
WELL GUESS WHAT? The results of this MRI is: there is no tumor! Its completely gone!

Cancerous tumors on my thyroid by wolfmother1
September 11th, of 2003, I was diagnosed with cancerous tumors on my thyroid. My Naturopath said I needed to have my thyroid removed immediately and possibly follow up with radio active iodine. I had a surgery scheduled for mid October.

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CFS progress
I wanted to write this as I've made such wonderful progress over the past few months and a lot of this has been because of the curezone website and particularly Bob Mantz's story of his recovery from the Chronic fatigue syndrome. Just incase writing might help anyone else I thought Id write about my recent experiences.

Re: Boyfriend broke up but hasn't moved out by parismatch
When one spouse is misbehaving, the other one will try everything to subordinate themselves to win them back. That never works.

Hulda Clark's Claims
I had a serious Migraine headache problem that I suffered for over 30 years. No Medical Doctor could ever help me, instead I got sick from the medicines they gave me.
From the 1st treatment my Migraines have never returned.

It's Official: I have LYME by alisaun
After almost three years, and somewhere between nine and eleven doctors who all misdiagnosed me, it was only because if this site and my own dogged research that I ever was able to figure this out.

From The News:

Urine therapy for infertility by anonalon
My fiancé and I could not get pregnant for about 2 years or a little more. I used urine therapy compresses for several hours a day for about a month and then BAM we became pregnant.

Re: Why is everyone so depressed?
I've been on anti-depressants for over 15 years; my mother has been institutionalized, and on anti-depressants for most of her life. Once diagnosed, I just accepted it... heck it "runs in our family", right?  WRONG!!

Doing liver flush #18... curing psoriasis ... by drofinnah
The only reason I tried liver flushing to begin with was because someone said it was a possible cure for psoriasis... which was the first I had ever heard of anything that would work for psoriasis... and believe me it did... not over night mind you... but very noticeable results...

Liver cleanse restores blood pressure to normal by bomar
It has been a week since I did my flush and my blood pressure is still completely normal.
Would like to hear from anyone else who has had similar results.

Re: This is how I cured my Borderline Personality Disorder by Invincible
One person there treated him with 10 minutes of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). Instantly, he changed! And from that, he had a 1 hour treatment and got over everything.

6th Month of 100% Uropathy and WOW!!!!
My wish for everyone is that they can reach this level of health and well-being.
Here I am... in my 6th month of 100% uropathy. Wow, it has truly been an incredible journey.

Re: MC & Weight Loss
I did the MC around a year ago with incredible results. I lost 40lbs. in about 21 days. The weight loss was terrific and inspiring. But the other benefits were incredible, I felt better, I felt active, mental clarity, stress disappeared, skin and hair better, stopped chewing my nails (a life long problem), slept better and awoke alert and ready to go... I could go on and on. BUT.....I slacked and ate everything, I didn't change my diet or exercise and now I regained the weight I've lost and about 30lbs more.

List of Natural Antifungals
Grapefruit seed extract, D-limonene, Caprylic acid, Probiotics ...

Re: Muscle Spasms - What's wrong? PLEASE read :) by unyquity
Here is the thing: orthodox doctors (for the most part) treat only the 'symptom' of an illness: if you have high blood pressure, they give you a medicine to lower your blood pressure, but they don't find out what is CAUSING the high blood pressure; if you have pain, they don't delve into what is causing the pain and treat what is causing it...they give you pain killers; if you have depression, they give you medicines that are supposed to stop the symptoms of depression...but they don't analyze and actually try to stop the "depression" itself.

Re: 6 weeks on Macrobiotics and not getting results by Autumn
Two things jump out at me from your posts. One is choosing macrobiotics for the purpose of weight loss. The other is choosing it for fairly rapid weight loss, or setting up a kind of speed goal about how much weight a person loses how fast, and having this progress chart in your mind and then measuring yourself against that in comparison with other people.

Rebounding *Is* Superior by Lapis
You are correct in that rebounding is vastly superior to any other form of exercise when it comes to pumping lymph. The advantages don't stop there though. You can exude high G forces in a smooth motion that would smash your joints if you tried to do it without the trampoline. It is estimated that you go from about 3 G's at the bottom of the bounce to 0 G's at the top of the bounce. Now think that you can do this hundreds of times with minimal stress on the joints and you can begin to understand the benefits.

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Breaking a water fast with fruit causes death?
I just read in one of the other fasting forums that breaking a fast with fruit can be very damaging and even cause death. I was planning on breaking my fast with fruit but now I don't know. Is this true?

Interesting Article by golfegg
If we take an honest look at nature, we will observe that three things are present:
1) Nature follows definite laws which are not subject to opinion or variance;
2) Every aspect of life is reflected by nature;
3) Nature is governed by the law of CAUSE and EFFECT.

Avoid CT scans, if at all possible. by Owen
I can't tell you the names of the radioactive chemicals that the doctors inject into you before they administer the CT scan. But chances are 99 out of 100 that they're harmful to your body -- just like the CT scan itself.

Deadly Immunity
When a study revealed that mercury in childhood vaccines may have caused autism in thousands of kids, the government rushed to conceal the data -- and to prevent parents from suing drug companies for their role in the epidemic

What the AMA hopes you never learn about its history
To most Americans, the concept of "nonprofit" goes hand-in-hand with trust. If a person or an agency isn't driven by money, they seem more likely to be trustworthy and unbiased. They should have the public's best interests at heart, right?

Re: Is it really a gallstone problem? by hanna
My problems were like yours. Upset stomach, pain left high, left low and right low. It kind of took turns, but no pain in gallbladder area. Back aches here and there. US said gallstone and inflamed gallbladder and thickened walls.

Transmutation Visualization
A Method I Learned for Transmuting Negative Thoughts, Feelings and Images into Positive Energy

'Double diabetes'
Having one type of diabetes is bad enough, but two? Doctors are seeing a new phenomenon dubbed double diabetes that makes it harder to diagnose and treat patients -- especially children.

Take Paxil (an anti-depressant) AND become suicidal
Commonly used modern antidepressants can cause adults as well as children to attempt suicide, a new study says.  An 18-month inquiry convened by the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority (MHRA) in the UK banned the use of the drugs, known as the SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) in children and adolescents.

The Great Prescription Drug Hoax
Medicine, impersonating science, has co-opted the word "proof" to provide comfort to the gullible; in so doing it has tarnished the reputations of science as well as of medicine. When the medical profession pretends that there is such a thing as scientific proof, labeling their remedies as proven and decrying unproven alternatives, it doesn't seem to be aware that in physical science there are only guesses, hypotheses, theories and even a few laws. Only repeatable experiments determine truth. To the degree that medicine relies on carefully conducted experiments and collects data without preconceived notions, (which can be duplicated and criticized by other scientists), it follows generally accepted scientific principles. Conclusions may be drawn, but to imply that there are proven methods for controlling disease, is to lie.

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