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my acne experience and plan to tackle it
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Published: 17 years ago

my acne experience and plan to tackle it

Hi all, I've been browsing curezone for a few weeks now and, whilst being slightly overwhelmed with all the information, I've gathering a loose plan of what to do to tackle my lifelong acne.

My details:
Female aged 29 from the UK. I've suffered from Acne since age 12. Please see the link at the bottom of the message which is a story of my experiences.

ALthough the story indicates I've been free of Acne by using B5, I've found that it doesn't work as well now and anyway I truly want to get to the cause of it rather than taking vitamins forever (and paying for them continuously!)

My Acne is, quite simply, awful. I cannot link it to my monthly cycle and tend to get flareups reguarly nowadays. I am often covered in whiteheads - my main type of acne - and feel like shutting myself away from the world when I am like this. I cannot do this though as I have a 14 month old and thankfully he means I have to socialise and face the world most days. I do not work, love being a stay-at-home mum. I can feel them beating away and it makes me feel very dirty. I have to cover myself with makeup (incidently, Ester Lauder's Maxiumum Cover is simply the BEST thing for this) to reduce the redness and scarring.

I've had several bouts of it being quite good, sometimes when I've been eating well, sometimes when I've been eating awfully. I can't seem to find a definite link between what I eat and my breakouts. On the whole I have an excellent diet and only eat bad stuff about 20% of the time, usually always in the evenings.

Past medications:
Antibiotics (for several years as a teenager)
Retin A
B5 courses X 2
Chinese medicine
Numerous (often temorary)lifestyle, dietary changes including drinking lots of water, healthy eating, Perricone diet, low-carb diet. Sometimes these help a lot, sometimes not at all.

Anyway, I cannot carry on with it like this as it's got so incessant lately and is making me very self-conscious and feeling so dirty inside. I am convinced that the way to help myself is to inner cleanse. One of the main reasons I'm so convinced of this is because I have always notced that whenever my skin is bad my tongue is white. I also feel very puffy and bloated and 'hot' when I have a white tongue. In fact, I rarely have a pink tongue. When it is pink (and I do not know what makes it suddenly pink) my skin is fabulous. Not only clear but also blooming, glowing, smooth and healthy. Additionally, with a pink tongue my hair is thick and lustrous and my nails are strong. My conclusion - thanks to Curezone - is that I have many many toxins inside me and I need to cleanse.

From browsing the site and a few other bits of reading, I am trying to make a list of possible things to purchase and do so that I can begin the cleansing process. I want to do it soon as my husband and I also wish to have another baby and I'm unsure about any health risks of cleansing with herbs etc during pregnancy. So far my list is:

Primal Defence (purchase from Ebay)OR plain old Acidophilus (not sure which one though - guess it should be a strong one)
Pau D'arco tea
Senna tea
P&B shakes
Apple Cider Vinegar (take before each meal to aid digestion)
Dandelion tea (to increase bile production)
Coptis (again, to increase bile production)
Chinese or Swedish bitters
parasite cleanse herbs - Black-Walnut , Wormwood and cloves)
Aloe Vera juice - to cleanse colon and cool my insides
Agnus Castus (to balance my hormones and hopefully reduce the length of my 38 day cycles)
B6, Magnesium, Chromium and Zinc
Flaxseed (not sure if oil or just eating seeds is best)
Carrot juices (I have a juicer - yay! - and will make good use of this)

Wholefood diet
Not drinking at least an hour before and after eating (to aid digestion and ensure I'm not diluting digestive enzymes)

Ok, that's it. The thing is I don't really know what to take with what. I would like to buy the Colonix programme but unfortuately the postage to the UK makes this such an expensive option and as I'm not working we're not particularly flush with cash at the moment. I'm going to use some of my savings to buy any supplements I need. Is there anyone who could advice me on what to take with what and when? I'd like to make a complate plan of when to start taking things so that I feel organised with it and don't just have a bunch of meaningless bottles staring at me each day. Also, is there anything else anyone would advise me do or purchase?

Many thanks for this


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