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Image Embedded Issue 161: Liver Flush, Donations, The Most Popular Forums and Blogs
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Published: 14 years ago

Issue 161: Liver Flush, Donations, The Most Popular Forums and Blogs

Issue 161:
Liver Flush, Donations, The Most Popular Forums and Blogs

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  • My intro to CureZone--NO MORE PAIN! by Bastet
    After the first one, I was amazed to see multiple small stones and lots of cholesterol chaff!
    Guess what! NO MORE PAIN!
  • Doctor's Message: Autism Is Treatable
    Toxicologist Rashid A. Buttar recently told a congressional subcommittee that more than half of his patients undergoing chelation had a complete loss of their autistic symptoms.  It's a hopeful message, one that Dr. Buckley echoes as she sits with her arms around Dani on the front steps of the unassuming pediatrics office.
  • ACV is destroying my psoriasis. by marlon
    With the ACV Treatment and doing the following I’ve managed to see these results in less than 2 weeks.
  • Nancy Delise cures herself of MS with I.V C.S  and H2O2
    What follows is the story of Nancy Delise, who, over the years, has utilized retail colloidal silver , colloidal silver made with a basic generator, basic colloidal silver enhanced with H2O2 ( orally ), and finally IV Silver.
  • Absolutely Amazing! I LOVE Raw! by miscgrl
    I figure I've been about 70% raw, and I've NEVER felt better in my life - even though I'm still going through small waves of detox! My friends thought I was nuts at first ("starvation diet" and "fad diet" and all those terms came up) but now they see how my skin has cleared up and now glows and how happy and energetic I am and they're starting to want to join me for fresh juices and salads instead of starbucks and pizza!
  • Best tools for conquering bird flu? by eloheim
    I am wondering if we can put together a battle plan for the possible Avian Flu pandemic, assuming that the vaccines/antibiotics pushed by the government will only make us worse.

Art Donations

  • Making web sites is one of the things that I do for living. For the last few weeks I have been making a web site for a highly respected artist Mard Issa.  The first version of the site is here: .  I have spent many evenings with the artist, cause one part of making web sites is taking photos of the paintings, scanning the photos, discussing design,  ...  The site, so far, contains over 80 images of his works.
    Somehow our discussion turned to health, and I told him about CureZone. I explained that the site is supported by donations and voluntary work. For a joke, I asked him if he would like to donate some of his free time to help me design some pages ... considering that he is the master of colors and shades.  "No, but I can donate some of my works" he answered. He gave me 4 lithographs.  I sell it and use the money for CureZone.  He also suggested that I try selling his other works through CureZone, and get 25% from every piece of art sold (we are talking about quite expensive paintings).  To make it happened, I have replicated his web site on CureZone:  so that potential buyers could send payments directly to CureZone PayPal account.
    I must tell you that Mard Issa is not the most famous artist in Norway.  Most people consider Odd Nerdrum  to be the most famous and the most respected.  But some experts who know Mard Issa's work say that his work could be placed next to the work of Odd Nerdrum.

  • Here are 4 lithographs, donated to CureZone.  Click on the image to enlarge.


  • Here are some of his paintings that I like:
    CureZone receives 25% from every painting sold.  Use Suggest To Webmaster forum to ask questions related to this sale, donations and art gallery.

  • 14 Flushes--results so far. by Lovey
    Improvements: fatigue, concentration, sex drive, gas, upper body sweating, bad breath, body odor, balance problems, dry skin ....
  • 20 some flushes later... by charles obscure
    I feel absolutely great. The main difference now is that right after a flush is when I feel the best. My skin clears up and I feel calm and level-headed, and just peaceful.
  • My journey so far. by hopelessminx
    Through bowel cleansing and liver flushing, my prayers have been answered. I still may have a little acne, but at least now I can manage. Not to mention, I'm healthier than I've ever been.
  • Study warns about flu vaccine on kids
    A study done in Italy says children in the United States and Canada are being vaccinated against influenza without adequate proof that it will work.
  • Shampoos Contain Toxins Linked To Nerve Damage
    Researchers at the National Institutes of Health have found a correlation between an ingredient found in shampoos and nervous system damage. The experiments were conducted with the brain cells of rats and they show that contact with this ingredient called methylisothiazoline, or MIT, causes neurological damage.
  • Re: If majority has stones how come only some are symptomatic??? by Blueduck
    You cannot blame your mother in law for believing in what she was trained to believe. What you can do is take responsibility for your own health and get started doing liver flushes. It can only help you. I do not know where all the scarey stories come from about a stone getting stuck during a liver flush.
  • Re: Are Bach remedies homeopathic??Don't know...just know that they work... by Boldyloxx
    I was a skeptic before I bought Bach's Rescue Remedy and tried it. Since the store provided $1.00 coupons, I figured- ' heck, why not ", so I bought the Rescue Remedy- figuring it would be interesting to see the effect if I found myself in a fender bender, or was a victim of road rage.
  • My first experience with Craniosacral Therapy
    Yesterday I went for my first session of CranioSacral therapy. My therapist was trained in the Upledger technique. I was a little nervous, not knowing what to expect.
  • Re: Please help The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society by Ev
    The cures are already available - and they turn blind eyes towards them and disregard everything that cannot make them money.
  • Gallbladder surgery gone wrong, I need help
    A doctor came in and told me I was lucky to be alive. It turns out that instead of having 2 tubes from my gallbladder to my intestines, I had three and only one out of one million people have that.
  • Ozone Cures Cancer and MANY Other Diseases!
    Within 6 months the tumors were gone again. This time all we did was the ozonated water, breathing ozone & juicing. The doctor couldn't believe it & sent the tests out to 4 other doctors & they all said there was no cancer.
  • Liver flush does make sense
    My liver enzymes reduced and cholesterol went down from 250 to below 200 right now. Both indications of improved liver function. I also lost 15 lbs. in 3 months with out additional exercise.
  • Studying Works of These Docs... by CalifLady
    If I had gone back to the allopathic doc I may be dead and gone by now. I was very sick and I know my heart was stressing from my lung problems.
  • May I Have Your Attention
    Why do some things catch your attention and others don't?
  • Illusion by Lapis
    Those souls who resonate a particular experience will continue to attract that experience through the law of attraction. Momentum will be gained as each soul finds its way into higher realms of awareness which raises the entire collective awareness. Those who can break free of self limiting belief systems will attract more empowering and free constructs of reality. We all will rise up eventually. Think of it as spiritual evolution.
  • My thoughts by Lapis
    Fear manifests in ANY paradigm if one is creating fear through lack of knowing and trusting self---far from source energy. I also believe that those who continually rely on "teachers" are creating a self limiting trap whereby they give away their power of creating their *own* reality.
  • Vaccinantions & Fairy Tales
    I believe the MMR vaccine pollutes the bodies kidneys and other organs and reduces the immune system's ability to rid the body of other toxins. I also believe that vaccines increase the risk of bringing on Austism and othe neurological problems for children may have a genetic pre-disposition to have neurological problems.

  • Re: Tetnus Shots by rudenski
    According to the statistics, people who take the vaccine who have complications often have a severe reaction: 4% of complications end with the death of the patient, 6% cause permanent damage (10 p163). Side-effects occur after boosters as well as after primary vaccination (10 p164).
  • Great RAW BANANA CREAM PIE Recipe!
    Be sure to do the pine nut-maple syrup topping -- it's Magic! (No maple syrup is not raw unless you have a very special source. Freshly sapped maple syrup left out to freeze will separate and give raw maple syrup but it's hard to find!)
  • Day 28 All Raw
    Wow, I can't believe I've already been all raw for almost a full month. I am very much looking forward to 6 months on raw, when I'll be at least another 40 lbs. (or more) lighter as well!
  • BGH-Milk: Mostly Puss and Toxins
    This is the story of BGH - its effect on cows, consumers, and farmers, as well as the efforts of agribusiness drug companies to get genetically engineered hormones into our nation's dairy cows.
  • Mercury Spill - School Evacuated in Wash. DC
    Health officials and hazardous materials teams yesterday evacuated the District's Cardozo Senior High School after drops of mercury were found inside the building, and authorities said the school will remain closed for the remainder of the week to be cleaned thoroughly.  School officials said that Cardozo did not store any mercury and that they suspect a "prankster" brought it into the building. The droplets were found about 10 a.m. at three places in the school, prompting a screening of more than 600 students that stretched into the evening.
  • Parasites Cleanse That Works
    For many years - decades actually, I had intestinal problems. I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel and had the horrid tests they do - to no avail. I had nightmares about parasites even though I had never heard of the condition.  I finally moved to Arizona, and as diagnosed with CFS and FMS I figured it was part of the deal... but it is not.  My symptoms were itchy butt, diarrhea, stomach pain, intestinal cramps, bloating, PMS, maybe more - don't remember any more.
  • Some interesting info about parasites   by shopgirlnw
    She said it is a shame that more people don't take it upon themselves to learn about natural health, and that a awful lot of surgeries could be prevented if people had better information about it. Then she said my problem could very well be parasite related and she began telling me about some cases she has seen in the OR where peoples organs are full of parasites, and how they are at the root cause of most disease. Then she said, don't stop whatever it is you are doing, as long as it is working and you are getting better. Wow was I happy!
  • Walnuts: Prevent that Heart Attack
    The Scientific Evidence for a Beneficial Health Relationship Between Walnuts and Coronary Heart Disease
  • Re: WARNING! Kevin Trudeau/cures they don't want you to know about  by corrina789
    Well, if you read the reviews at Amazon, several people DID pay for his website and there is NOTHING on it, it says it's "under construction" and they get NO REPLY when they email. Look this guy up at before you throw your money away, he's a scam artist, always has been. He even did time for fraud.
  • First Liver Cleanse - Experiences (with pictures)
    Performed first Liver Cleanse Friday Pm/Saturday Am.  I am 37 y/o male 5'10" 180 lbs, good health (i.e. no health issues)

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