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Issue 129: Prostate Cancer, Acne, Body Odor, Brain Tumor, Frozen Shoulder, Calcified Gallstones, Candida, Psoriasis ...
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Published: 16 years ago

Issue 129: Prostate Cancer, Acne, Body Odor, Brain Tumor, Frozen Shoulder, Calcified Gallstones, Candida, Psoriasis ...

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Prostate Cancer, Acne, Body Odor, Brain Tumor, Frozen Shoulder, Calcified Gallstones, Candida, Psoriasis ...

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  • Prostate Update   by Tyler
    About a year ago, my father was diagnosed with advance, metastasized prostate cancer. The doctors gave him little hope beyond a two year life expectancy if he took androgen blocking shots for the rest of his life. He/we went after this in an aggressive natural healing approach, utilizing Dr. Schulze's Incurables program. In addition to the Incurables Program, we added graviola, chaparral, and red clover tinctures
     ... continue reading

  • Results of my Liver Flushing so far   by MrCooties

    ... Within a day after this flush my body odor disappeared and I now sweat less. My daily bad morning breath disappeared the next morning -a month later I still have yet to notice any odor whatsoever on my breath. I wake up after 8 hours of sleep - on my own, refreshed, no alarm clock. Oversleeping and unrestful sleeping seems to be gone. Life seems more focused, more relaxed, more vibrant. Smells and tastes are more powerful. My skin is stronger and more colorful. Acne flair ups are nearly gone. I feel stronger and 10 years younger. My eye floaters are gradually disappearing. Previous walks are now runs and jogs with no knee joint pain. I catch myself laughing way more than usual, and I am more motivated. Liver Flushing has brought on vivid dreams of past relationships - people from long ago  ... continue reading

  • my battle is over:)   by manika

    Wanted to share my success story w/you all- God bless curezone, Dr. Hulda Clark, and Andreas Moritz!
    I had asthma, eczema, mild psoriasis (scalp), regular yeast infections, and severe cystic acne for 10 years. This past year I have also started to feel tired and yawn all the time. I am 26 now.
    I've tried allopathic medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, herbs, zapping, and b5- I think these things helped in reducing my skin problems except western medicine which I think suppressed my symptoms. I finally got fed up of breaking out and decided to detox. Here's what I have experimented with from February 2004 till now and am happy to say all of my skin problems and fatigue are completely gone. ... continue reading

  • I produced 4 large calcified stones, 15 medium sized calcified stones

    Brenda, I wanted to let you know that I flushed successfully this weekend. No pain flush, I produced 4 large calcified stones, 15 medium sized calcified stones, and over 1000 lentil/pea shaped/sized stones. My only difficulty was lower intestinal cramping 4 hours after flush ended. It was relieved by lying down (I think I tried to do too much too fast) and I gave myself an enema this morning ... continue reading

  • How I got rid of Systemic Candida Tropicalis...   by Sassy

    I spent $5000.00 with him to feel 30% better ...  Costing me $375. a month for Phone Appts. & mailIn Lab testing of stools for Candida which always came back Positive DUH
    And $100-200 month for Herbs or whatever he wanted me on that next 2 weeks.
    >>WAS IT WORTH IT: I learned enough to find "CureZone"
    At CUREZONE I spent "Time" here learning about:
    1> Parasite Cleansing $priceless$
    2> Liver Cleansing $priceless$
    3> Colon Cleansing $priceless$ ... continue reading

  • My Frozen Shoulder Ordeal   by mother

    My shoulder froze on me in January 03. The shoulder became red, hot and swollen and excruciatingly painful. In May I started colon therapy and in November I started the liver flushing. Now my right shoulder is almost free except for internal and external rotation.... continue reading

  • I hope this help you to get started (bad breath and body odor)

    Personally, I think bad breath and body odor are a combination of Candida, liver and colon problems. Get rid of Candida, take probiotics, do some liver flushes and colon cleanses. :o) Definitely, this is originated  from bad food habits and overdose of antibiotics. ... continue reading

  • a tidbit of my amazing liver flush experience

    My first flush was about 11 months ago I am 43 years young
    For the last 33 years I had symptoms of liver congestion, stones in the bile ducts, I never knew it till I began my flushing.  I was raised on commercial dairy products and always rewarded with sweets cakes and ice cream by elder family members, hamburger meat and other animal flesh products poisoned by chemicals ... continue reading

  • Do NOT have your gallbladder removed.   by marks

    I had mine removed 3 years ago and my health has gone downhill ever since. I didn't know anything about cleanses then.  I wish I had. I really didn't feel that bad just had two attacks but as long as I ate low fat I did fine. My husband and dr. just thought I should do it so I could eat anything I wanted (that's a joke). After the removal of my gallbladder I started having diarrhea after I ate. I had never had problems with this before.... continue reading

  • liver flushes put my psoriasis in remission...   by drofinnah

    I've just recently completed my 4th liver flush and I felt relief from my psoriasis from the very first one... in fact that is why I did the liver flush to begin with... I believe the liver is responsible for the health of all our organs... an unhealthy liver will show symptoms in other organs simply because it is unable to function properly... (just like an automobile want run well if the filter is dirty)... the liver and kidneys are responsible for filtering all the impurities out of our system... continue reading

  • Brain Tumor Surgery and Effects   by grace2moravian

    I never knew what everybody else calls a normal life. I was beautiful and popular, athletic and academic, I also threw up every morning and as time progressed many times a day. I thought that this was a normal life because it was all that I knew. My parents took me to a series of specialists to find out why I was throwing up. Finally when I was 11, a stomach specialist sent me to a neurologist. I was so excited because they now knew what was wrong with me. ... continue reading

  • Common procedure, ESWL, causes a rare complication   by Carly A

    A little over one year ago, I was a 34 year old mother of one who was relatively healthy with the exception of a kidney stone in the bottom of my left kidney. I had gotten together with a urologist who was once my employer. If my problem were any more serious that a stone I might have chosen differently. But as I had been this urologists ( and the five others in practice with him) check out secretary for almost three years, I felt that he was a fine choice for a simple kidney stone.
      ... continue reading

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