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Issue 127: Amalgam Removal/Replacement?

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Published: 15 years ago

Issue 127: Amalgam Removal/Replacement?

Issue 127: Amalgam Removal/Replacement?

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  • Protocol for Amalgam-Mercury-Silver Filling Removal

    During chewing the patient is exposed to intraoral levels which are several times the EPA allowable air concentration. 2 During the removal or placement of amalgam the patient can be exposed to amounts which are a thousand times greater than the EPA allowable mercury concentration in the air.3 Once the drill touches the filling temperature increases immediately vaporizing the mercury component of the alloy. There are 8 steps to greatly reducing everyone's exposure:
    • All removal must be done under cold water spray with copious amounts of water.  Once the removal has begun, the mercury vapor will be continuously released from the tooth.
    • A high volume evacuator tip should be kept near the tooth (1/2 inch) at all times to evacuate this vapor from the area of the patient. Polishing amalgam can create very dangerous levels of mercury and should be avoided especially for the mercury toxic patient.
    • All patients having amalgam removed or placed should be provided with an alternative air source and instructed to not breathe through their mouth during treatment.
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  • Can't afford to get your amalgams removed?

    I wanted to tell everyone about my experience in case you need dental work and can't afford it.
    I had 9 amalgams and a bad crown that needed to come out. I had been reading the "bikerchicks" website with great interest but was afraid to go that far (I'm in Florida.) I thought I'd rather spend a little more money and go with a local dentist.
    I found a local holistic, "metalfree" dentist and went for an appointment with him. He told me that 4 of my amalgams were so large that they would need to be crowned instead of refilled.
    ... continue reading

  • Children and amalgam removal?   by docb86

    In skimming through this site, I have seen mention only of adults symptoms and amalgam removal. Has anyone had their children go through the amalgam removal process? My 10 year old daughter has experienced 5-6 of the classic symptoms mentioned by folks in this forum. (our observation and hers). ... reply

  • amalgam remove and depression. my story   by jimmy1622

    At the age of 11, I had 8 large amalgam fillings placed in my mouth by an unscrupulous dentist. I didn't have cavities in those teeth; but this Dr. assured me I would develop cavities in the deep grooves in my teeth if I didn't fill them. The amalgams were a "preventative".
    (Sealants were already available at the time, but this dentist either didn't know about them or preferred to drill and fill.) During adolescence I became depressed. It wasn't always there, but it returned with regularity.
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  • My first amalgam removal   by MrCooties

    I thought I'd share my experience with my first amalgam replacement that was done a year ago. 3 teeth were done, by a "non-holistic" regular dentist who seemed supportive of my decision to remove my mercury and replace with composites. He was cheaper than the other dentists I checked out. He seemed in agreement that mercury might be bad, but still used amalgams as fillings on other people. He agreed to use a rubber dam and oxygen.  ... continue reading

  • 11 amalgams and declining health   by shagley

    I had 11 silver amalgams 18 months ago and ever since have had major health issues. I am 24 and have been very physically fit all of my adult years but ever since having these fillings (my own fault as i didn't go to the dentists for 6 years) I have had nearly every symptom in the book and want them out of my head. ... continue reading

  • Horrible amalgam-experience, now recovering!   by dennyblylod

    I went to a dentist here in Sweden 1 1/2 years ago and asked if he could remove my 16 amalgam fillings. I told him I had a few symptoms that were annoying due to my training for elite wrestling comeback, not my first though as previous multiple efforts had cased after long lasting infections, and that my mother in law had told me to get rid of them a thousand times since she had personal experience from amalgam illness.... continue reading

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