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Issue 56: Lung Cancer
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Published: 17 years ago
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Issue 56: Lung Cancer

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From: "Cliff Beckwith"
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 17:11:05 -0500
Subject: [cancer-testimonials] Lung cancer


Below are things of which I have known concerning lung cancer. So far, we
have not seen this approach miss with any lung cancer, or other types of
cancer, if it is handled according to Dr. Budwig's recommendations with the
rest of the diet. We have seen it very successful with most diets.

More info at

I am not urging anyone to go this route. I am simply putting results on the
list and do with them what you will.



I am going to set up a document with accounts of lung cancer of which we
have known.


Saturday Aug 19, 2000 I had a call from Casper, WY, that was exciting.

The caller told me that in march, 2000 he was diagnosed with a serious
cancer in his right lung and told that he did not have more than 1 to 3
months to live.

He was given chemo and couldn't stand it. He was put on hospice with
morphine patches in case the pain got too great. He was 73 and had just
about decided to go to the hospital and die.

At this point a rancher friend who had gotten a tape on Flaxseed Oil at a
Bible conference heard about his situation and gave it to him.

He told me he listened to the tape and fell in love with what he heard and
immediately began to use 6 tablespoons of flaxseed oil and cottage cheese a

He said it "kicked in" right away, though usually it does not work quite
that quickly.

He had an appointment with the Oncologist before long and the doctor took X
rays. The caller said he came out of the lab soon with a puzzled look on
his face and asked him what, if anything, he had been doing.
He told the doctor he had been using flaxseed oil.

The doctor said that the tumor he had in his right lung had not changed,
the tumor in his left lung, about which he had not told him, had completely
disappeared without a trace.

He gave the doctor a tape and told me that the doctor and nurses were
tapes and distributing them.

The caller said he was feeling good, continuing on the flaxseed oil and
getting along well and seemed quite excited; as I was to hear it.

We are praising The Lord for His provision.



About three years ago I was in my doctor's waiting room when a couple came
in. I spoke to them briefly.

That night the lady called and told me that her husband was a retired
college professor, 73, who had an 85% involvement with cancer in his left

The decision had been made to remove the lung at the Thompson Cancer center
in Knoxville, Tn.

When the attempt was made it was determined that the cancer had spread
further and they simply closed up and decided to use radiation and chemo.

The radiation had been done with no apparent results and he and his wife
decided that rather than go through the misery of chemo they would just
live>as long as possible and forget it.

The Oncologist did not argue with that. She suggested that they come to
Rutledge and get flax oil and get started with four to eight tablespoons a
day with cottage cheese.

They decided on 6 and got two quarts and then got their own after that.

Three months later I was in again and asked if she had seen him again. She
>had seen him the previous week. The cancer was still there but he was
holding his own.

I remembered him about a year and a half later and she said that he had
died, but that he did not die of cancer. He was not a very active person
and died of a blood clot that moved to his heart.


A lady about 73 lived two houses down from us. She was a frail person and
The doctors found a tumor about the size of a quarter on the lower part of
her right lung and immediately urged an operation to remove half of the

She was afraid she could not stand the operation and her grandson who knew
us well urged her to go on Flax Oil. I talked to her as well.
She did but did not use it as she should have. Nevertheless there was no
further growth of the tumor and I thought all was well.

About two years later I heard that she had died. Her grandson told me that
on later checkups there was no growth of the cancer but the doctor kept
urging an operation. The daughter that lived one door down did not want
to do it but she had five other children and they persuaded her to go along
wit h the doctor's advice.

She did not make it off the operating table. The grandson did not feel
kindly toward his aunts and uncles but rationalized that it was his Mamaw's
time to go.


About 6 years ago a friend of ours had a cousin who was a veteran of WW II.
He had very serious lung cancer and it had spread to his upper arm.

He got started with Flax Oil and it was not many months before we heard he
was cancer free in a check up at the VA hospital. He called me and talked
about it and was a happy man.

About two years later I heard that he had passed away. Some folks have the
idea that flax oil is like an antibiotic. He got well so he saw no further
use for the oil. That is a mistake. One should have at least a
dose of oil each day to keep healthy.

He didn't and the cancer redeveloped. He decided that since it hadn't
him he wouldn't bother with it again.


The brother in law of Betsy, a member of a local church was 47 years old
and incapacitated with lung cancer. This was around 7 years ago as I

He had been given up and was doing no standard treatment. He began using 4
tablespoons of Flaxseed Oil a day with cottage cheese
and in time [I do not know exactly how long but it was not many months]
only souvenir left was a little scar tissue and he was back at work. I
never knew his name but did not about him. Betsy is the best friend of a
good friend of ours.

I visited the church occasionally as the main musician was a fellow
and good friend. Kim was also the pastor's niece.

The pastor's wife had colon cancer and had part of the colon removed and
had been put on heavy chemo. Kim wanted her to switch to flax oil but a
daughter was a student nurse, and told her "Momma, do what the doctor tells

In a while the lady had virtually no immune system left and the doctor
advised her to stay away from people lest she catch a cold and die and took
her off the chemo to see if her body could rebuild.

Now she began using Flax Oil. In a short time the white count was going up
and she was able to be out in public again. She had an appointment with
doctor and told him what she was doing.

He told her that had not done her any good. It was the chemo that was
helping her. She was put back on chemo and in about three months she went
into a coma and died. The chemo had destroyed her heart and liver.

One Sunday night the pastor, John, asked me for a tape. I didn't know he
had not had one. A few weeks later I visited again and was talking with
John after the service. He told me that he hoped I was wrong but that he
believed I was right. He said, "They killed my wife".

Then I asked him if he had heard about Betsy's brother in law. He said, "I
hear he's pretty bad." I said, "He's well."

Betsy was still there and John asked her how her brother in law was doing.
She said, "He's well".

John looked at me, and with all the feeling he could put in it, he said,
"There's going to be doctors in HELL because of things like this!!"


Last June a friend of ours from beekeeping stopped by. She is a heavy
woman, probably over 250 lbs. She had been diagnosed with a rapidly
cancer in her lung.

The doctor was really after her to get it cut out as soon as possible. She
was resisting because she did not think she could stand the operation.

She began using 8 tablespoons of flax oil a day [which would be too much I
believe if it were kept up] and in a checkup 8 weeks later there had been
no further growth.

The doctor still urged her to get an operation. A subsequent X ray showed
no growth but was a little fuzzy as to any reduction. She had an MRI Oct.
19 and a consultation Oct 25 but I haven't heard any results.

In January 2002 I learned that in early November of 2001 she had had a hip
bone "explode" and had been hospitalized for quite a while, I think in late
January before she was released. She did not have an opportunity to use the
FO/CC during that time.

She told me that the mass was still there but seemed to have changed its
character. The doctor at that time did not believe it was malignant any
longer but didn't want to go in and take anything for a biopsy as she was
afraid she might bleed to death.

Today, June 30, 2002 I received word that she had passed away. I had not
known any further details.

September 11, 2002 I received further word. The cancer had come back. She
had gone back to the FO/CC. At the time of her death the cancer had been
eliminated except for two small spots in a lung and one in her liver.

She passed away as the result of ill health connected with Sugar Diabetes.
A friend emphasized that it was not the cancer.


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