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Re: Janie's Update on MS
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Published: 19 years ago
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Re: Janie's Update on MS

Around 1979 I was so ill with a variety of diseases that I came close to dying. By unusual means I was all but dragged to an equally unusual naturopathic physician in Spokane, WA, purported to be able to accomplish miracles. The first person I talked to out in the waiting room of his modest
little clinic (just a small, converted house)was a recovering MS patient from Canada who had come there a few years earlier in a wheelchair, and now had one single remaining muscle in her thigh left to heal. She told me
she just came for brief visits for treatment about once a year now, lived alone,
gardened, etc. I later found out he had cured many MS patients. One didn't tell his MD about seeing a naturopath, continued seeing the MD who was monitering his progress and desperately trying to find things to help him with
different drug protocols, and thought it was HE himself bringing about the seemingly miraculous recovery. The patient didn't tell him he took the drugs home and dumped them. When the MD thought he'd found a cure and was
about to write a paper for publication, the truth had to come out.

This doctor of course went to Naturopathic school and took their training, much of which is similar and as grueling as medical school (all the same basic sciences, chemistry, etc.) but he afterwords trained for another 3 years with an old school naturopath (Dr. O.G.Carroll) who had entirely
different types of diagnostic methods and treatments. He had developed a complex blood chemistry diagnostic test which determines food intolerances , which is similar to the Blood Type Diet , but much more specific. It even picks up combination food intolerances . For example, mine combo intolerance is fruit and sugar. I can eat either one alone, but not together within 10 hours. Together they create something chemically incompatible with my body chemistry that I can't digest, and it poisons me. This test also pinpoints the primary cell (tissue) salt deficiency, which is very important. (There are 12 tissue salts. You can get
a combination of all 12 called Bioplasma in Schussler Tissue Salts in many health food stores. It's very inexpensive.) This test is not taught in any school, and only a handful of people in the world know how to do it,
who were hand-trained by Dr. Carroll or someone who studied with him. You actually get to see a picture of your own blood taken through a microscope with a camera, and much can be told from the structure and surrounding fluids of the blood cells also, like whether there are a lot of toxins in your system, parasites, etc.

That's just part of the diagnostic proceedure, but the most important one, because few people get completely well if they eat food which doesn't digest properly, and it has been estimated that this problem affects about 90%
of the population, though I believe the testers have never found anyone NOT showing some kind of food intolerance. Forget medical food allergy tests for this level of diagnosis. They test immune system allergies which can be helpful, but they also change or can be cured by upgrading the immune system. food intolerances are forever and involve digestion and basic body chemistry.

He was also an iridologist, who could tell from the colored part of the eyes which body organs or systems are either chronic or acutely affected, and other problems. He looked in my eyes through a lighted magnifying glass and told me I
had a pre-cancerous stomach, arthritis--he even put his hand on the middle of my spine where it was the worst, an unhealed soft tissue leg injury turning into a tumor,
congested lungs with chronic bronchitis, and a "hot" infection in my ovaries (ovarian cysts). This was before I gave him any information whatsoever, and I knew it all
to be true, though not in such detail. An examination of my heart sounds exposed a murmur caused by the raging infection and toxic load I was carrying.

My heart was so weakened by perscription drugs, infection, and toxins that I required more than the diet change (no fruit and Sugar together, so I dropped all processed sugar, and EGGS, my other problem) and healthier eating with at least 7 raw veggies a day, avoidance of processed and
refined foods, preservatives --all the regular health stuff.

He was radically against taking vitamins in pill form because he said they then became like drugs and
could be dangerous and upset the body chemistry. He made an exception with vit.C on occasion (after traumatic stress of any kind) and did have one single source he trusted for that vitamin. We get vitamins in whole foods. It's the minerals lacking from the soil that MUST be
supplemented, and only with food-based, organically-grown minerals like SeaSilver or Dr. J.D. Wallach's (Dead Doctors Don't Lie tape--the most famous in the world) minerals taken from prehistoric land sources which apparently contain minerals or combinations and oxygen levels that our bodies adapted to in prehistoric times that don't even
exist today except in these areas where they have to be mined from the earth from plant and animal origins. Both sources are easily found on the internet. But most health
food stores also carry some kind of "super food" with organically grown minerals and vitamins from food.

Also, we need extra calcium like Dr. Bob Barefoot's Coral
Calcium, CalMag, or other major brands, but calcium is hard to metabolize under even the best of circumstances.
Forget milk--the heating process makes the calcium bio-unavailable, and it has other dangerous properties, especially if it's homogenized (the XO factor: a fat-trapped enzyme that eats holes in your vascular system,
for one.)

The late Dr. Harold Dick, famous in the field of naturopathic medicine, now known as the CO-FOUNDER OF CONSTITUTIONAL HYDROTHERAPY gave me daily, one-hour
treatments for one day short of 5 weeks. His hyrdotherapy consists of alternating hot and cold packs on the truck of the body, front and back, in a timed sequence. (The famous Loma Linda hospital where they did the first heart transplants has a scientific paper on how and why alternating heat and cold works on the vascular system.)This powerfully stimulates blood circulation and helps
kick-start the immune system. You can do it at home.

But along with the hydrotherapy, he used electrotherapy, which sounds terrible, but it's just electrical current which feels like a deep, vibrating massage from these pads placed over vital organs like you see in hospitals. In fact, it is used in some hospitals to help heal bad fractures--they just haven't discovered that it has a much wider use than that. The two protocals used together make
one of the most effective therapies you will ever find.

He was also a herbalist, and had some preparations for bowel cleansing, congestion, digestion, etc. And a licensed homeopath (recognized as a medical degree in some states), who used homeopathic medicines for people who couldn't stay around for the in-house treatments. He also used
glandulars (glandular extracts like adrenal and thyroid, among many), though sparingly.

Dr. Dick passed away a couple of years ago, but his daughter was in practice with him and carried on. She seems to be equally brilliant, and even more educated and trained in both traditional naturopathic medicine (she added reflexology and some other things to the mix) and in his protocols, which are not taught in the schools. She has been published in the main naturopathic journal--an article on constitutional hydrotherapy. In fact, she has a
paper explaining how to do the hydrotherapy part at home, that anyone can obtain. Her name is Dr. Leticia Watrous.

Another doctor who trained with the test founder, and who is equally famous as Dr. Dick is Dr. Leo Scott. He was also in Spokane. He's very old--I don't know if he's still alive or practicing, but the two doctors sometimes got slightly
different test results, so I used to recommend that people go to both doctors if possible. That's what I did for my only grandchild two years ago. Dr. Scott has developed some tests of his own, besides the blood chemistry test.

The last contact I had, Dr. Watrous's full range of diagnosis cost
about $250, which includes your mineral and usually other medicines. (Dr. Scott's fees are or were slightly less.) It is rarely covered by any insurance. It also requires an overnight stay to get the test results, which she does
immediately for out of town people. Dr. Scott mails his out, but then you don't get the counseling with results in hand. If he's still around, I'd go see both, if humanly possible. If you are unable to travel there, it might
be possible to have a blood sample sent. They only take a few drops from the ear for their testing, but of course if a lab draws blood and mails it, that's the way it's done. But then you miss all the other diagnostic procedures and counseling which goes with the whole thing.

I don't know about the stinging in the legs, but on the bottom of the feet the burning/stinging sensation usually indicates a B complex deficiency. Dr.Watrous told me the best source of B vitamins, which she found lacking
in me the last time I went a year ago (with adrenal failure, now fixed), was from blue-green algae, also known as Spirulina, available in most health food stores. It is one of the few food sources of either B6 or B12, I don't
remember which.

The source of most healing comes from getting the bad stuff out and putting good stuff in, and stimulating the healing process. My heart sounded normal
on that last day of clinic treatment, and I was kicked out (figuratively speaking)and told I could heal on my own
from there. By then I had gone through a horrible detoxifying bout where I dripped and drained from every outlet (I wanted to shoot the doctor for about 21/2 weeks but he made he hang in there) known as a "reaction" or "healing crisis", and everything was well except my
ulcerated stomach, which took longer to completely heal. I had almost perfect health for over 20 years until job and personal stresses burned out my adrenals and thyroid, which go together. It has taken a couple of years to get back to normal, but I've done it without drugs or hormone
replacements which would have created dependance on cortizone for the rest of my miserable life (a horrible solution which is all conventional medicine has to offer for this condition).

I finished the process with Dr. Hulda Clark 's parasite cleanse, which removed a neck and shoulder problem I thought was a chiropractic problem I've lived with for over 25 years, and the gallbladder/liver flush. I've removed hundreds of stones in the 5 treatments, and am getting ready to take the 6th right now.

Since the detox and cleanses, I no longer react much to the food intolerances, but still mostly stay away from them to avoid the chemical stress on my system, even though it
handles them better now. I can actually "cheat" a little when I eat out and get away with it now, though I wouldn't recommend doing this.

I believe Dr. Wallach's book "Let's Play Doctor" tells how to diagnose food intolerances by using a pulse test after eating, but that would be tricky when it comes to finding combination food problems. The biggest offenders are dairy, eggs, grains (usually in combination with other foods), fruit (less common), and potatoes.

Calcium is a big factor in healing. But unless you get at least two hours of sunlight a day outside (through a window doesn't help), there is a procedure for helping to digest and metabolize calcium properly. (from a book on
curing arthritis) At night, take a tablespoon of raw, cold-pressed peanut oil, and the same of codliver oil for the vitamin D. (I couldn't hack the oil so I got capsules. I think Dr. Watrous considers codliver oil too harsh and uses something else, but forgot to ask her what. This info came from a different source.) Then, you take the calcium several times a day, rather than all at once, with an "acid" drink (juice) which has powdered vit.C added to it, or with a teaspoon of apple cidar vinegar. I'd recommend taking HCL (stomach acid) and digestive enzymes with this and anything you eat. Of particular importance
is pancreatic enzymes, which some researchers feel the lack of is a major contributing factor in cancer and other diseases. I do a honey/vinegar drink and just take the calcium with that.

My high blood pressure, which was
part of the adrenal/thyroid crash, is now back to normal. Calcium is a big factor in that also.

Another big mineral problem is potassium deficiency.
The best product I've ever used for that is kM--also available from online sources. It was developed in Canada and is made of roots, berries, and stuff like that.

Most people need either higher levels of calcium or potassium, but knowing which need is greater and getting the right balance is tough. The only and best way I
know is by hair mineral analysis, and the best diagnostic lab is A.R.L (Analytical Research Laboratories, I think) by a doctor who pioneered the field. Most similar diagnostic labs are based on his work. Can't remember his name right off, but I wouldn't be surprised if he eventually gets
a NOBEL. Just find an alternative doctor or chiropractor (they are doing amazing things these days) who uses this lab, or contact them and find out who is available in your area. If you can't get info, get back to me and I'll look it up. I'm being booted off of the computer soon, so don't
have time now.

Another must-have mineral is plain old salt, but only in natural, raw, unprocessed form: Celtic Sea Salt or Real Salt. These contain many other minerals from the sea. Sodium is one of 4 major minerals missing from our bodies, along with potassium, calcium and magnesium. In the raw state, your body takes what it needs of salt and disposes of the rest. You can't get too much (unless you're drowning in the ocean or something). That isn't true of processed salt like Morton's.

Good luck,
D.J. Thompson


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