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Issue 5: Cure for Epilepsy Using B Complex Vitamins
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Published: 22 years ago

Issue 5: Cure for Epilepsy Using B Complex Vitamins

Online Health & Wellness Newsletter Issue 5
"Educating Instead of Medicating!"

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From: "Arnold Gore"
Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 08:12:28 -0700
Subject: [epilepsycured] Fw: B Complex Vitamins for Epilepsy

Cure for Epilepsy Using B Complex Vitamins

Over 21 years ago, in June 1978, I started taking a large dose of the B Complex vitamins. The dosage was 20mg. B-1,B-2 etc.;B-12 20mcg and folic acid at 400mcg. I immediately felt more energetic and alive. I had gran mal epilepsy for the prior 25 years, since I had entered puberty at age 13. In those days 20 mg was probably a megadose, I'm not sure, today I take 50mg. because its more commonly available. I had been taking anticonvulsant medication trade name Mebroin including Phenobarbital and a smaller amount of Dilantin. I was able to wean my way off the anticonvulsant medication in July of 1978. I have not taken any medication since, and have become a new person.

It was a difficult decision to stop the medication and every case is different, but I feel it is important that other people are made aware of my experience. In my case I was somewhat fortunate. I also had severe Acne at the time and had gone to see a leading dermatologist affiliated with a top teaching hospital in New York City about 4 years earlier.. He looked at my left foot, between the third and next to smallest toe, where I had an annoying itchy "athlete's foot" and said that by looking at my foot he could tell that my skin would be all broken out on my face and my back. He said I had Tuberous Sclerosis a disease which was responsible for both the epilepsy and the bad skin I had. He said that the two conditions had to be treated separately even though they were linked together. He described it as a rare hereditary disease. He said the Epilepsy had to be treated with anticonvulsant medication and the Acne could be treated with Antibiotics .

I was on this conventional treatment until 1978, when they took my anticonvulsant drug off the market. I was switched to a larger dosage of Dilantin, then the standard anticonvulsant remedy, which didn't agree with me. I began to lose weight at a dangerous clip. My doctors were worried and the tests said I had high cholesterol. The doctor seemed to focus on food intake. I began to think it was time to read fully that book "Let's Eat Right to Keep Fit" by Adelle Davis, that had been given to my by a friend who didn't like the idea that I was taking so much medication. I knew she had something to say about nutrition, but I never thought it was that important.

Since at first in 1974, I didn't want to have to read the whole book, I had looked up epilepsy and the citation directed me to a page that indicated B-6 and Magnesium sometimes helped. Well it didn't. I figured I was special and it wouldn't work for me.

Four years later, when I Read the whole book, she said that individual members of the B-Complex do not usually work in isolation from the other members of the Complex!!

I went to the Health Food Store and bought a bottle of the B-Complex, I immediately felt a surge of energy, but I was worried thinking maybe it was a placebo effect. Within one week my "athlete's foot" condition began to clear up. I recalled what that top dermatologist said, these conditions were really linked together. Now the 'marker' for the

underlying disease tuberous sclerosis was disappearing. I was definitely doing something right. The Diagnostic capabilities of modern high technology medicine are excellent. It's just that they are not as good when it comes to treatments.

I had the advantage of seeing my progress confirmed by medical/scientific authority. You

may not be as fortunate. If you cannot get your doctor to closely monitor a trial with a more natural approach, try seeing a doctor who is a member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM).Their phone# is 800-532-3688, their website is:

They will provide a list of doctors in your geographical area who might be open to helping you use a more natural approach, including possible withdrawal from prescription medications.

Since originally writing this account I have come to realize that I simultaneously changed my diet to include many healthy foods that were high in the B Complex vitamins, such as whole wheat bread, wheat germ, brown rice, liver(this was before I became a vegetarian) and brewers yeast.In truth I cannot be sure which worked the B vitamins in a vtamin tablet or the food. From what I read now it may have been the food. Regardless of what we have become used to it is reasonable to say that "good health will never come out of a bottle" you have to do everything.

I hope my story is helpful to some of you who are looking for a more natural way of treating your condition. It changed my life and if I can inspire others who are only helped

one tenth as much as I have been it will help partially repay the friend who first interested me in the nutritional aspects of health by giving me that book by Adelle Davis. If anyone wants to contact me I would be glad to offer any support I can.


Arnold Gore
Consumers Health Freedom Coalition
Tel. 212-795-6460
E mail:

We bring you stories about natural wellness achieved by cleansing & nutrition. Cleansing & nutrition is routinely effective in the hands of independent minded individuals seeking to take responsibility for their own health and help others who are interested to do the same.

Best Of Health
CureZone team

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