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Re: you people will get it eventually!!!!!
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Published: 18 years ago
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Re: you people will get it eventually!!!!!

Alright that's enough denial and turn-around Mr.!

First off, not all people are like you, nor do they have the same issues that attract the type of people you do. I have seen the type of girls you have spoken about and chose not to spend time with them because of how they acted. I believe that it is your view of women and your fear of commitment that cause you to Choose to hang out with these women. There are many kinds of women and men in the world, the way they court is based on emotional needs and physiology. Most of their actions around relationships/courting is formed by their role-models and how their parents interacted. This in the simplest terms makes many different kinds of people, and as a result they DO behave differently when courting and IN relationships as a result. YES, there are healthy men in the world and do you know who they date ? HEALTHY women!!! A man without the same issues as you would NEVER waste their time on the women you socialize with, and would be open to and see the better behaved emotionally more mature women that they do date. Now ,I am not judging you we are all healthy and unhealthy in some way, I am just referring to a "healthy" man as one how has worked on his relationship issues and can choose/act better.

Now, I noticed that you are getting defensive "You see, it's women (and men) like you that prolong this debate. You're living in this narcissistic world where you are better than the rest, and so are your friends and your choice in lovers." in this mind space it is hard to see what people are trying to tell you. No I'm sorry being "human" does not mean acting the way you do that is the result of how your life shaped you, we are not all the same in that way. When I asked you "if all men were this way" it was an attempt to get you to look outside yourself, and see that you do not need to act this way. Your behavior is an internal choice. The fact is my dear, when we give you advise like this we are not hiding who we are, this IS who we are. We lack the issues that you and your girlfriends have that would make us behave in the ways you do. We have our own issues which manifest themselves in different ways and we attract and hang-out with people who are like this, just like you do with your people. Humans tend to see only themselves and are attracted to others like them, that does not mean everyone is like you, it means you are not seeing the people who are not. ( That is why we keep advising you to "change your mind" or "change the way you see things".) You see we are so very different, and yet humans are the same in that they must strive to see how their own issues are keeping them from what they want, and work to fix that. And yes, I do study physiology and sociality and that is exactly how I know how different people are - And how ones environment/ upbringing effects their choices, friends, relationships, values, behavior, etc.

You keep speaking of introspection, I am very introspective. I feel that you are so busy protecting your mind form change an possibility that you are not seeing who I am, nor hearing what people are saying.

P.S. Freud was a cocaine addict with serious sexual issues. His "treatment" for women who would to admit to self-gratification was mutilation of their genitalia. He also explored whether or not he was sexually abused because he felt a sexual attraction to his daughter (he never acted on this attraction, thank god). And yet, people quote him and associate him with great work in physiology. And indeed he did contribute greatly, though he had many physiological issues him-self and screwed up royally in the treatment of women. People are complex. Freud is one of my least favorite physiologist, I notice when people are casually taught about his work they do not learn about the above mentioned, perhaps so they will take his work seriously. Hmmm...

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