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Re: ABDOMINAL MASS - Upper Right Quadrant
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: ABDOMINAL MASS - Upper Right Quadrant

Don't resist your intuition. You are not crazy to question the 'wisdom' of your doctors. They know only sickness, and they make their money cutting 'cancer', but if they can cut anything, they will gladly accept payment, al the while sincerely feeling that they are helping you by providing the only possible course of action available to the sane patient.

They cannot diagnose (tell you) cancer if their machines do not tell them it is cancer, no matter what their hunch or experience tell them. For a doctor to have such a diagnosis overturned by another doctor would be quite embarrassing, and leave them open to malpractice and peer ridicule. So they 'don't know for sure' what the heck it is, they have told you this to your face, and you still consider them "professionals"! Take the answer for what it's worth and find your own way. A private oncologist will not deviate much from the same approach, but rarely they may if they are very confident in their ability to help you.

Use common sense and assume it is cancer. The way it is growing is the most telling clue. Cancer is abnormal growth of cells - the cause is the only mystery. If you are interested in healing it yourself without the blade, you have come to a good place. I would suggest you contact Andreas directly and get the full force of his abilities in private consultation.

Andreas has recommended the Indian Herb here before. It is used for treating tumors. See the link below. Get advice from Andreas before you try it.

You are not your body, you are spirit having a human experience. You can choose to win this battle if you will just choose it. Decide that you will survive with no harm done to your body, RIGHT NOW. With this attitude and lots of confidence in your decision, only ideas and opportunities which correspond with the vibration of those positive intentions will come into reality in your life. Youwill ward off vampires and quacks while attracting genuine caring healers and simple methods which have worked with others with your condition for many years. When doubt arises (and it will), listen carefully and respectfully to the doubt, with an inner knowing smile. Forgive the fearful one inside of you who wants to doubt the truth that you can guide yourself to a full healing of this. Forgive her because she is a valuable part of you, scared of this unknown path which requires so much faith based on so little evidence, at least when compared to the doctors way.

Then remember that the doctors way does not "heal" anyone. Their way alleviates the symptoms, to a degree, if they are successful, but usually only temporarily. That's a lotta buts.. Cancer often comes back and kills on the second or third try when nothing is done to address the cause. The doctors try to cut and burn tumors, but of course this does not stop the disease. You can't make a banana fresh again by putting dots of bleach on the brown spots.

Medicine has a legal monopoly in the treatment of cancer, since it is illegal for anyone to claim they have a cure for cancer. Yes, any potential "cure" for cancer is illegal, and yet the same law making body spends millions on cancer research not with th goal of eradicating it, but with the goal of increasing profitablity of the current approaches. If curing cancer were not illegal, the cancer industry would be out a lot of money when the cure was chosen with the free will and educated choice of the majority of cancer patient.

Does this mean that there are no other methods to alleviate the symptoms of cancer? No, there are other medical fringe ways to deal with it, but they are no better than the norm, since they are magic bullet oriented. There also known methods by which you can heal the cancer, and fix the cause so that it will not recur. If this is what you are looking for, with the right attitude and a commitment to finding a way through, you will get there.

Some links about cancer below. Also be sure to read Andreas' books called Amazing Liver Cleanse, and Key to Health and Rejuvenation.
With Love,


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